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Patternmaker Professional Studio Full 271 [VERIFIED]


Patternmaker Professional Studio Full 271 [VERIFIED]

PatternMaker Professional Studio: A Full CAD Tool for Pattern Drafting

PatternMaker Professional Studio is a software program that allows you to create your own patterns for sewing, fashion design, or costume making. It is a full CAD (computer-aided design) tool that lets you draft any pattern you would draft on paper, only faster and easier. You can use the editing tools to modify the pre-designed garments created by the add-in patterns, or you can draft your own pattern from scratch. You can also import and export .dxf files, trace around scanned images, and insert common sewing symbols.

PatternMaker Professional Studio is suitable for experienced hobby sewers, students, or professional pattern makers who want to have more control and creativity over their patterns. It comes with one garment collection, Womenâs Vol. 1, which includes basic blocks and styles for womenâs clothing. You can also purchase additional collections separately, such as Menâs Vol. 1, Childrenâs Vol. 1, Lingerie Vol. 1, and more. Each collection contains hundreds of patterns that you can customize to your own measurements and preferences.

PatternMaker Professional Studio is available for Windows and Mac OS X platforms. It costs $399.00 and you can download a free demo version from the official website[^1^]. You can also listen to an audio review of the software on SoundCloud[^2^] or read a testimonial from a satisfied customer on RSG Performance Group[^3^]. If you are looking for a powerful and versatile tool for pattern drafting, PatternMaker Professional Studio is a great choice.

One of the main features of PatternMaker Professional Studio is the ability to draft your own pattern pieces from scratch. You can draw polygons, circles, and rectangles with the mouse or by typing the coordinates. You can also add curved segments, measure around curves, add text labels, and add pattern markings like dots, notches, and button lines. You can use special tools to create pattern features like facings, pleats, and darts. You can also trace around a .bmp image in the background, such as a scanned pattern piece or a sketch.

Another feature of PatternMaker Professional Studio is the compatibility with MacroGen, a separate program that automates the drafting of patterns. MacroGen allows you to enter your measurements and preferences and generate a pattern based on a formula. You can then open the pattern in PatternMaker Professional Studio and make any adjustments you want. MacroGen comes with several formulas for different types of garments, such as pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, and more. You can also create your own formulas or modify the existing ones.

PatternMaker Professional Studio also offers a variety of options for printing and exporting your patterns. You can print your patterns on any printer that supports Windows or Mac OS X. You can also print on multiple pages and tape them together, or print on large format paper if you have access to a plotter. You can also export your patterns as .dxf files, which are compatible with other CAD programs and cutting machines. You can also export your patterns as .pdf files, which are easy to share and view. 061ffe29dd


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