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Blond Women Mature REPACK

An experimental study was undertaken to assess the phenomenon of male preference for blondes. In the first study, 360 Polish men ages 18 to 46 years were asked to assess the attractiveness of the presented stimuli using a 9-point scale. Stimuli were 9 different pictures of the same women whose ages (about 20, 30, and 40 years old) and hair colors (blonde, brown, and brunette) were manipulated. Pictures of blonde-haired women were generally rated as younger than the others. The attractiveness ratings of female faces changed with age and hair color. Still, only the 30-yr.-old woman with blonde hair was rated as significantly more attractive than those with brown or brunette hair. In a second study (the analysis of 500 Internet advertisements) mature women dyed their hair blonde more frequently. These results are analyzed with regard to the evolutionarily formed male preference for younger females.

blond women mature


Glasses with earthy tones of dark brown, tortoiseshell or black suit blonde hair. These natural colours harmonise with your hair's golden tones. For a contemporary look, transluscent blue or green glasses frames also look great.

Black eyeglasses can be stark for blondes. But depending on your taste, chunky black frames can be a dominant, confident look. For something more subtle, brown or semi-transparent acetates are less contrasting.

If you have blonde hair or pale skin, blue glasses can look especially great. For detail and depth, semi-transparent crystal blue glasses work wonderfully if you have blue eyes. Coloured crystal acetates are a great alternative to solid, opaque frame colours.

Dark blondes suit amber, brown or tortoiseshell colour glasses. The dark honey hues in your hair match perfectly with earthy tones for a warming, flattering look. A neutral option are clear eyeglasses which contrast your brownish blonde hair.

This is the most expressive part of your face and can give a serious, confident sort of look. In the examples above and below, dark brown frames with a clear lower half are the perfect colour for your blonder hair.

Another way to stay brunette but go blonder is to have a colorist add some bold golden streaks. These can be just around the face (they're called money-piece highlights") or all over (especially if you wear your hair up or pulled back) to break up and brighten the brown base. It's a look that was popular in the 1990s but has come roaring back as an easy, effective way to add glamour without a lot of work. These warm spicy ribbons of color give mature hair a dynamic look and can be produced with a classic foil technique or balayage. Again, the more contrast seen between base and streaks, the bolder the effect.

This elegant blond shade is sophisticated and pretty authentic looking, if that's your goal. It whispers rather than shouts thanks to a blend of gentle warm and cool tones that produce a sandy, beigey or creamy sort of blond. Soft blond usually has a base of light brown or gray-brown plus muted highlights. It's a great blond choice if you prefer neutral colors, low-key makeup, classic clothes and a routine that won't break the bank.

This boho blond look has an L.A. surfer vibe. The whole idea is to fake and exaggerate the kind of sun-streaked hair you'd get spending long days at the beach. It's more casual than the statement blond, but it also is a medium- to high-maintenance color. That's due to strategic layers of highlights in varying shades carefully foiled and painted. Beachy blond is a good choice if your hair is medium to longer in length and worn loose and tousled or wavy to show off its multitone effect.

Dyeing your dark hair icy blond is just about the most damaging thing you can do. So, don't. However, if at 50-plus your hair is pretty much a light gray/white tone, then champagne and creamy blond highlights are a great idea. Ask your colorist to add sparkling highlights and a pearly toner to elevate your already light hair, brighten up your skin and banish any yellow or dingy tones. The idea is to blur the boundary between gray and blond. Why not?

A low-maintenance bob with swoopy layers is a perfect style for older women. Ask your hairdresser for a lot of layers for your bob haircut. This will give you tons of texture and height, making this look easy to style every day.

Show off your naturally gray hair with a voluminous bob cut. This signature hairstyle is a favorite among women with fine, thin hair. Use a dry texture spray to bring out your individual pieces of hair.

Go for a classic haircut with a blonde pixie bob with thin bangs. A bob with bangs is a perfect go-to cut for its low-maintenance styling. Having layers gives the perfect amount of volume and movement. Add a face frame for a touch of softness around your face.

Rounded bob cuts on silver blonde hair give older women a softened style. A blonde hairstyle can really brighten up a dull complexion, while rounded layers soften square face shapes. Keep in mind that silver hair is the least maintenance for women who already have a lighter hair color naturally, or already have an abundance of silver hair. If you have darker hair you may have to deal with extra upkeep.

Embrace your masculine side with a platinum blonde pixie with shaved sides. This pixie cut is the perfect solution if you need an easier morning routine. Platinum blonde is a gorgeous addition that takes your cut to the next level.

A short bob with bangs paired with an undercut is perfect for mature ladies looking for a snazzy short cut. Short hairstyles for older women can be youthful and fun. Ask your stylist to make your locks nice and textured for a blended look.

Try sleek blonde hair with an above-the-shoulders cut if you want to turn heads. This cut works very well for framing your face in a sophisticated way. You will see that this cut can stand on its own when you receive many compliments.

This look is sassy, messy, fun, and chic. This look is very low maintenance. The babylights brighten her color and emphasize the shaggy layers with some disconnected layers, especially around the face. This haircut on thinner hair is recommended for women with an oval, triangular, or heart-shaped face. All lifestyles would be perfect for this look as long as the person is less detailed and more into the lived-in, undone, messy hair look.

I would describe this look as fun and spunky, something that says age is just a number and that every women has their own kind of sass. I highlighted with Joico Blondelife and lowlighted her with a Joico Intensity mix of magenta and pink. When styling, I used the Loma Volumizing Mousse and round-brushed her out.

This short haircut for women over 60 is chic and sporty, yet elegant. Its shape and ease of movement make it a look that is very versatile. Although this bob is short because of its layering and texture, a lot of movement and height can be created, allowing you to transform this cut into different shapes. This allows you to change your hair to suit your look for that day or evening.

This look is great for low-maintenance women with fine to medium hair types. Dimensional hair is best to show more of that textured look. It styles quickly and easily for people who live a busy lifestyle. You do not have to try too hard to make this style look great!

This is a variation of the short shag haircut with soft, undone texture. This is a great cut for women with fine hair who want body and fullness. The airy choppy layers are also a great complement to square jawlines.

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