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Download Mega Facepack For Football Manager 2011 ((NEW))

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Download Mega Facepack For Football Manager 2011

Download File:

Football Manager 2011 has plenty of custom leagues and new skins, but mods themselves are pretty scarce. Still, we've selected the top five Mods to customise and streamline your Football Manager 2011 experience. Click through for the mods, and details of how to download.

Do you feel a twinge of sadness when you start playing Football Manager and you realise that you can't stare longingly at the face of your favourite player? You are a sad, sad person if you do, but help is at hand with the mega facepack which contains over 80,000 images of players, staff and officials from all over the world. This is the result of a massive Football Manager community effort and is ideal for those of you who want to see a bit more glitz and glamour in a game which can be very plain. True story, I once minimized Football Manager, saw the WordPress editor and thought I was still playing the game.

This one's a big download, you'll need all the packs and the update, then place the contents into your Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics\players\Cutouts folder, you should have all the images and config.xml in the same folder. Then drop the contents of any updates in there as well. Finally load the game, go to preferences, untick 'Use Skin Cache' and tick 'Reload Skin on Confirm'.

Today I bring the biggest available facepack for FM15, the FMSite Facepack 2.0. This pack was made by the Spanish-speaking forum of This pack have a total of 179,900 faces, the maximum available for FM15 at the moment. Almost a 75% from de DB from FM15 is complete in this MegaPack, and we continue growing. Also this pack works for FM08, FM09, FM10, FM11, FM12, FM13 and FM14,How to Download?1. Click on Download.2. Once in FMSite, click on "DESCARGAR"3. Copy/paste all the Links.4. Download the 9 parts from MEGA.5. Install it.Any problem, say it to me. (To the mods: I dont know if i can put the Link to my page or i need to put the direct Link for the download, please tell me im new)How to Install it?1. Download all files that make full pack. This action can be performed with and Win.rar if your operating system is Windows or The Unarchiver if you use Mac.2. When all the files are downloaded unzip Part 1 ("Facepack FMSite v2.part01.rar") in the destination folder. During the decompression the PC will be looking for the remaining parts.You should follow the following routes:Windows Vista / 7/8: My Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 20XX / Graphics / Pictures / PlayersWindows XP: My Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 20XX / Graphics / Pictures / PlayersMac OS X: User / My Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 20XX / Graphics / Pictures / Players3. When all files are decompressed, a folder named Player will appear. This folder contain all the faces that form the complete pack. We move into our folder called Graphics> Pictures> Player. If these folders do not exist we create it with the same names as indicated above.When you perform this procedure may ask you if you want to overwrite files, we always put yes. It is very important in this step be performed decompression in the order of output, especially if we are updating the pack with their updates.IMPORTANT Always must stay a single folder called Player, inside should be housed the faces and other components of the pack (folder Alt, Extras folder, folder Small, config.xml).If you want to help with the pack, send me a Private Mesagge.If you found a player without face, make a post with:Name the player:Photo the Player:ID:

As ever, DF 11 (opens in new tab) remains the absolute gold standard for facepacks. Their mega pack includes over 150,000 faces with players at their new clubs, with new looks and (more often than not) with new hairstyles. 350c69d7ab


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