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Ligeti Continuum Score Pdf 24 !EXCLUSIVE!

there was a really cool museum installation here in Houston several years ago (2008) about just this thing.some REALLY amazing scores were on display and there was even a concert of a few of them one night.

Ligeti Continuum Score Pdf 24

I find this Bohor score absolutely fascinating, because to my ears it has absolutely nothing to do with what the piece sounds like. There seems to be a lot of notation indicating subtle change of various sorts, but the actual piece feels much more cluttered and monolithic to me.

Each corresponds to one of the four sound sources used to create Bohor, as indicated by Xenakis in shorthand toward the left margin of this slide.These diverse sources were transformed and assembled into a seamless sound continuum, anchored by a heavy drone derived from the Byzantine chant and Laotian mouth organ, and clothed by percussive sound patterns derived from the prepared piano and bell-trimmed jewelry. Since no score exists for Bohor, this sketch worked as a guide for analyzing the work. It traces the evolution of the 4 distinct layers, but due to the unconventional nature of this musical notation, it was not clear how they should be interpreted. After running Bohor through a computerized pitch and amplitude tracking algorithm, it was found that the first four contours represented the amplitude for each source, while the bottom graph represented the composite course of pitch for each track. Computationally, pitch is much harder to determine accurately than amplitude, but even with limited accuracy, it is evident that the goal of creating an effect of being inside a bell is achieved by juxtaposing the tracks so that at almost every moment the entire audible pitch spectrum is filled while amplitude is modulated accordingly.

Decroupet, Pascal and Samuels, Robert [trans.] eds. (2005). Pierre Boulez. Le marteau sans maître: facsimile of the draft score and the first fair copy of the full score. Publications from the Paul Sacher Foundation. Mainz; London: Schott. 076b4e4f54


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