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Cooper Green

Nuuo Main Console 29

so we where actually sold the VIT parking / nuuo solution by nuuo for us to use in the UK market, this actually neve worked with VIT announcing to us that there solution needed work and nuuo not being able to support it, so we where always stuck between VIT and Nuuo with neiher being helpful at all and in the end customers where loosing patience and confidence with nuuo and us

Nuuo Main Console 29

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we ended up having to swap the whole soulution out for a chinese manufacturer which did work very well and im really sorry to have to say this but compared to other manufactuters the technical support is poor from nuuo and can take days to even get a response, with us being asked to also use the E portal to log calls which adds to the time, confusion and frustration and simply is not a good route to push your customers.

We also feel nuuo have given up on the UK market and effectively walked away from it, they dont have any presence in the UK and try to manage this from your HQ, please note this does not work !!!, in the UK market customers want to see and be able to talk to and contact the manufacturer and without this you will find your not able to get access to the uk market and grow i really do think you need to have a internal talk on your plans with this product range and also revise your tech support strategy , as my experience like many others has not been a good one i can contact you on this issue outside of this if you would like

Frank is here in the US office as well. I am only responding to these posts because they are directly related to the "customer experience" If you would like to speak with Frank, you can reach him here his title is Sales Director.

we notice a strong lack of support from nuuo as well in Europe. the guys do not respond to trouble tickets but change their support to an intermediate solution to email issues to NUUO, to just change to zendesk, a next solution. They invited us to report over zendesk which will end up with $588 charges for helpdesk services per year. this is the most funniest company we ever done business with. they want us to pay for their issues :) We have done business with them for years with several hundereds of licenses sold and there was a time we were happy with them but it looks like we gona transition actively all customers from nuuo to other VMS where we get better support. there is not a single trouble ticket answered over the last couple of months.

Lastly, thanks again for your valuable time and this is the last time for us to post an official feedback so all of us can get back to work to support our great partners. Please feel free to contact me in the future at directly. Have a great day!

We would like to thank all our partners that kindly contribute towards data used in the Shadowserver Dashboard, including (alphabetically) APNIC Community Feeds, CISPA,, Kryptos Logic, SecurityScorecard, Yokohama National University and all those who chose to remain anonymous.


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