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Mvci Driver For Toyota.msi LINK Download

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How to Download and Install MVCI Driver for Toyota Techstream on Windows 10

If you want to use Toyota Techstream software to diagnose and program your Toyota, Lexus or Scion vehicles, you will need a compatible device that can communicate with your car's OBD2 port. One of the most popular devices is the Mini VCI cable, which comes with a CD that contains the MVCI driver for Toyota. However, many users have reported problems installing the driver on Windows 10 64-bit systems. In this article, we will show you how to download and install the MVCI driver for Toyota Techstream on Windows 10 without any errors.

Step 1: Download the MVCI driver for Toyota Techstream

The CD that comes with the Mini VCI cable may not have the latest version of the MVCI driver, or it may be corrupted or damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to download the driver from a reliable source online. Here is a link to download the MVCI driver for Toyota Techstream 16.00.017, which is compatible with Windows 10 64-bit systems:

MVCI Driver for Toyota Techstream 16.00.017

This file contains the following contents:

Mini VCI driver (x64 & x86)

Techstream older version 12.20.024, 13.00.022

Techstream V16.00.017

Techstream Patch

Installation video

Extract the file to a folder on your desktop or any other location you prefer.

Step 2: Install the MVCI driver for Toyota Techstream

Before you install the driver, make sure you have installed .NET Framework 4.7.2 on your computer. If not, you can download it from here:

.NET Framework 4.7.2

After installing .NET Framework 4.7.2, follow these steps to install the MVCI driver for Toyota Techstream:

Open the folder where you extracted the file and run Techstream_Setup_V16.00.017.exe as administrator.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of Techstream software.

Open the driver folder and run Driver MVCI.exe as administrator.

Select your system type (x64 or x86) and click Install.

Wait until the installation is finished and click Finish.

Plug in your Mini VCI cable to your computer's USB port and wait for Windows to detect it and install the drivers automatically.

If Windows fails to install the drivers or installs incorrect drivers, go to Device Manager and update the drivers manually by browsing to the folder C:/Program Files (x86)/XHorse Electronics/MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS.

Make sure the drivers are installed correctly and the device is recognized as M-VCI under Other Devices and USB Serial Port under Ports (COM & LPT).

Change the COM port number of USB Serial Port to COM4 by right-clicking on it and selecting Properties -> Port Settings -> Advanced -> COM Port Number.

Step 3: Activate Toyota Techstream software

To use Toyota Techstream software, you need to activate it with a registration key or a patch. Here we will use the patch method, which is easier and faster.

Run Techstream software on your desktop as administrator.

If it asks you to enter an activation key, click Cancel.

Select your region, language and user information and click OK.

Go to Setup -> VIM Select and choose MVCI Autokent-X64 1.4.8 as your interface.

Copy and paste Techstream Patch 64bit.exe from the folder where you extracted the file to your desktop.

Run Techstream Patch 64bit 9160f4acd4


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