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Sql Server 2012 Unleashed 180

So here is my problem - i have SCCM license and i am able to install the product properly. One of the prerequisites to install SCCM is SQL DB which i have - MSSQL server. Everywhere i read it is said if you have SCCM License that covers SQL as well. However when i install my MSSQL i install it with Evaluation and after SCCM is installed it is still in evaluation. Wit that in mind i have already such environment and the problem is that after 180 days of evaluation the SQL server stops working - services cannot start etc. All because i was under impression SCCM will handle this sql licensing.

sql server 2012 unleashed 180

  • Spin up a generic Server 2012 or 2012 R2 virtual machine in Hyper-V. (This should only take about 5 minutes if you have a pre-baked VM).

Add the .NET 3.5 FrameworkGUI version Server Manager Manage Add Roles and Features Next Next Next Next .NET Framework 3.5 Features Next Install

Just to add to that: You can safely run the Installation Center steps on the server where the SQL instance is currently installed instead of spinning up a new VM. Just follow the steps as if you where setting up a new instance and it should provide the key as indicated above, just be careful to cancel the setup once the key has been displayed.

I have done essentially the same steps, but have noticed that the key from the temp server is the same as the one that shows on the old server. Now what? SQL Server Standard Core 2014 SP1 on Server 2012 R2.

Thanks 100%, got me on the right path with downgrade from sql 2014- 2012 std and from VLSC to Retail version. From Microsoft VSLC, the easier step is to download from VLSC, install on a 'test' machine and the key will come up.. manually take note of this and plug in to the retail version.

Because of the service interruption while the state of the server is saved to disk, the disk is failed over to the other server. Then the memory is read from disk and the VM started. This is not an ideal high-availability solution and is better used as a controlled way to move VMs between servers for maintenance and balancing purposes. However, if a server does crash, the VM will be failed over to another node but the previous state of the VM will be unknown so when the VM starts on the new node the startup will be a server crash recovery startup.

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