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High Tech Health Infrared Sauna Prices

High Tech Health pioneered infrared saunas for detoxification and continues to give you the most advanced and capable saunas available. Rejuvenate your skin while you relax and let go of stress giving your body the down time it needs to be its healthiest.

High Tech Health Infrared Sauna Prices


Purchasing an infrared sauna from this company is one of the best things you can do for your health. Since I've had mine, I've noticed huge improvements in my skin's clarity and how I feel overall - much more energetic, less lethargic upon waking, AND I've been losing a little weight to top it all off.

When purchasing an infrared sauna, it's important to be sure that the materials used in the construction of the sauna are free of toxins (since the whole point is to detoxify yourself!) Not all saunas are free of toxins or safe to use. I chose this company since their products are high-quality, free of toxins, and made with loving care; I found them through Sanoviv's website (a healing facility in Mexico that is completely free of toxins - if they use it, IT'S BETTER THAN GOOD). The customer service is wonderful too - I can't say enough about this sauna and the fabulous folks at High Tech Health!

When it comes to shopping for an infrared sauna for your home, there is no shortage of manufacturers to consider. The tricky part is finding trustworthy brands that have a solid history of producing high-quality, innovative, and durable saunas.

One manufacturer that you might have come across in your research is High Tech Health International. Based out of Boulder, CO, the small family-run company has been making infrared saunas since 1997. They are also dedicated to environmental responsibility and have taken a number of measures to lower their impact on the environment.

According to High Tech Health, they use poplar wood in their saunas because health professionals and toxicologists recommend it. The manufacturer sources their wood from mills in Europe, where it is both kiln- and air-dried. They also offer the option of hemlock wood for one of their models.

Health Mate is the only brand that has owned their own factory and been building their own saunas for 40 years. The facility consists of 250,000 square feet, where they produce over 2,000 infrared saunas per month!

Health Mate works closely to promote and adhere to the rules of global forestry management by making their infrared sauna products 100% green and toxic-free. In fact, they cultivate and plant cedar saplings in their own cultivation facility.

Our infrared heaters are famous for their proven detoxification, high reliability, and high power efficiency. In addition to detoxification, our infrared heaters are known for cardio-vascular benefits, pain relief, relaxation, skin health, and aiding in weight-loss among other things.

This High Tech Health exclusive feature maximizes oxygen and minimizes carbon dioxide in the cabin. In the enclosed space of a sauna, carbon dioxide levels rise rapidly and it is important to keep the air healthy to maximize the body's ability to detoxify itself.

Since 1997, High Tech Health has been designing infrared saunas for health professionals and people serious about their health. Now written about in more than 40 books, High Tech Health infrared saunas define the standard by which all other saunas are compared.

From our lowest-EMF cabins and use of only premium materials, to our air-circulation design and state-of-the-art heaters, all High Tech Health infrared saunas include everything necessary for the most advanced sauna detoxification possible. That is why High Tech Health far infrared saunas are recommended by more MDs and other health practitioners than any other infrared sauna.

Not only is the quality of our far infrared sauna unmatched, but the expertise and knowledge of our team is unrivaled in the sauna industry. We have a higher customer rating than any other infrared sauna company, with a 4.7 out of 5 Google rating. We are proud to be the only infrared sauna company that bases 100% of our claims and our product design on scientific evidence. No gimmicks, only science. See our HOME PAGE to read more about what makes us unique and for customer reviews.

If you or someone you know are bothered by cellulite, you will be amazed at how using this Infrared Sauna reduces the persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially in women's hips and thighs. This is because each sauna session stimulates the circulation and improves blood flow. And combined with exercise and a healthy, whole-food diet, you have an unbeatable combination. You'll see wonderful, salubrious changes in your skin tone in no time at all!

For hundreds of years, Scandinavians, Romans, Turkish, Indigenous in North America, Mexico & Guatemala, Japanese, Koreans, Russians, and many other cultures have been using saunas, mostly the traditional ones, for health benefits like detoxification.

This custom of using saunas in Finland starts in early childhood and lasts an entire lifetime. Fins take their sauna sessions seriously. So considering that the Fins are the happiest people in the world, it makes you wonder if high sauna use has anything to do with it.

Fast forward to today with modern technology, saunas have changed a bit in hundreds of years. Modern infrared saunas can have a glass door made of tempered glass, infrared rays, an FM radio, possible side windows, have benches for several people, and several heating accessories. Sometimes they even have room for a towel and magazine rack.

Here are the reported benefits of using a sauna on a regular basis, but please note that not all of these outcomes are backed by research specific to infrared saunas. Some of them are done on regular sauna use instead.

Did you know that Canada has the largest carbon sink in the world? Why should you care about all this? We found that most of the wood used in infrared saunas are coming from Canada! So just like your toilet paper choices, your infrared sauna choices can impact the fate of mankind.

One of the most important regions in the world for capturing carbon is the Boreal Forest in Canada. Your toilet paper and infrared sauna wood likely started there as a tree in the largest carbon sink in the world.

Mamavation looked at over 200+ infrared saunas, portable saunas, & infrared blankets. We also looked at traditional saunas, wet & hot saunas, and other types that we will add to another investigation later. If you found that we missed a unit that you want us to look at, please put them in the comments so we can update the post later with new brands.

I love the idea of having an infrared sauna installed! I used to have an old wood powered one but it became a little bit too dangerous to operate after it broke. I love the use of new technology in this old custom!

Thank you for your interest in Celebration Saunas. Is there a particular sauna you are interested in? Is there a specific health benefit you are looking to achieve? Please let me know how I may be of assistance.

I like the fact that you mentioned running an infrared sauna is relatively cheaper compared to its counterpart. Plus, the preparation time is also lower. Since infrared sauna actually focuses on heating the surface and not the air or space, it will also require less power, hence, you would be able to conserve more energy. If I were to install my own sauna in the house, I would definitely consider this type. Thanks.

Great article! Infrared saunas are now being used in health facilities for a range of health problems, such as menopause, ulcers, insomnia, asthma, bronchitis, ear infections and allergies. Infrared saunas require 90% less energy than conventional saunas, and no plumbing is required for them. In fact, this is what makes these saunas such an easy addition to any home to gain all the health benefits.

Throughout this article, I include helpful links specific to infrared saunas. These include answers to questions about the types of saunas and which are right for you, information about sauna wood, and the proper temperature settings. I also go over assembly, the ins and outs of full spectrum IR, the bad brands you should skip no matter the price, and beyond. So, while this is a review of the best infrared saunas, the Clever Leverage site serves a robust, hyper-accurate resource.

You should also check out the health benefits that infrared saunas offer, which is what this is all for, right? Plus, I spend time twice a week answering all the questions on my YouTube channel, and you can have your question featured in an upcoming video. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

The only downside to the Radiant Health Saunas are how long it takes to heat up. You need to wait up to 30 minutes to get this infrared sauna up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. But due to the extremely low EMF and body voltage, this is safe enough for a small child, the elderly, and those with underlying medical conditions. So the slowish heating time is an incredibly small price to pay for what may well be the safest and best IR sauna in the world.

An infrared sauna with low EMF levels is a relaxing, approachable sauna experience that detoxifies the body faster than a traditional sauna. Also, instead of sitting in 190-degree steam like in a traditional sauna, you can achieve the desired level of sweating between 110 and 140 degrees. And both the upfront and operational costs are significantly lower.

I built myself a pretty effective near infrared setup for my shower, but then I tried a far infrared sauna at a spa. The difference in sweating was unbelievable, and I immediately realized that I needed to upgrade my in-home sauna.

It's recommended that you start slowly with fewer sessions, but most people can use an infrared sauna blanket up to four days a week safely. Be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations about usage.

Of course, a full-size sauna isn't always accessible thanks to the high price point (and space needed to host it). Enter: The best infrared sauna blankets. These downsized versions of the popular well-being tech make it easier to bring the sweat-inducing sensation into your home. 350c69d7ab


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