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The Blackout Club

There are others like you. Your new group of friends bonded over this shared secret, forming a club to investigate the cause of these BLACKOUTS. Together, you discovered a network of bizarre underground tunnels, hidden just beneath the surface of your quiet community. An uncanny, disorienting music beckoned from below.

The Blackout Club


And maybe that polish will still come. Maybe the glitches will get fixed down the line, maybe the game will get that fresh burst of variety in its missions and enemy types that it needs, maybe it'll get a fresh set of environments. But at this time, The Blackout Club isn't a club worth joining. For now, close your eyes and try to imagine a better game.

Many horror games are solitary affairs -- a little odd when horror movies are frequently shared experiences. Why not make games which play off the social side of fear? Question is trying just that. The group of BioShock and Dishonored alumni has unveiled The Blackout Club, a co-op horror title where survival depends on working as a team. You play as a group of teens who've uncovered a terrifying conspiracy in a small town, and they can only see the villains' central "boogeyman" by closing their eyes (part of the reason for the "blackout" in the name). If your group is going to live, everyone will need to keep watch -- you may save a friend who doesn't realize they're in danger.

When that prologue ends, you switch perspectives and create your own member of The Blackout Club using a (very) limited set of customisation options. You can choose your skin colour, gender, starting clothing, and that is about it. As your new character, you sleep and live in the train car hideout, which serves as your home base, before heading back out into Redacre and discovering more about The Shape, why you and the other members of The Blackout Club have blackouts at night, and just what is exactly going on.

From your LED light to sending of a drone to survey the area ahead. This is just one of the many perks obtainable through levelling up, you have options to upgrade your drone to beefing up your own body. It all come down to which type of player you want to be and it helps to have a variety of players in a squad to handle different situations and work as a team. You can also purchase smaller upgrades like start the game with a lock-pick or 10% stamina boost, all this and more waiting in the clubhouse. Which did I mention is a train cart in the woods. This is the central meeting place to buy cosmetics and upgrade your character and also to perform rituals and choose missions.

The crossbow may be the least effective at first, but if you want to incapacitate enemies from a distance, it's your only option. Once you find tranquilizer darts, you can fire them from far away, making you the only kid in the club with such an ability. 041b061a72


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