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At T Buy A Phone Get One Free

AT&T deals are especially good if you're adding new lines, trading in, or switching carriers. With these offers, you can often save hundreds of dollars of the retail price of a new phone, and sometimes you can even get the phone for free. AT&T might not have quite the coverage Verizon does, but with these discounts and the generally cheaper pricing of its plans, your savings can start to add up.

at t buy a phone get one free

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Generally, AT&T deals entail purchasing the phone on an installment plan and getting a data plan at a specific level (like AT&T's Unlimited Starter plan), then AT&T will give you monthly rebates toward the value of the phone. So, to get the maximum value from these deals, you'll want to be ready to stick with AT&T for the long haul - 30 months in fact, at which point you'll have received the full discount.

So, keep those details in mind as we guide you through all the best AT&T phone deals. We'll help you find the best savings on iPhones, Android phones, 5G phones, and even some accessories to go alongside them.

Want to do see what other carriers are offering? See this week's best cell phone deals. Alternatively, read more about Verizon with this week's best AT&T plans and our recommendations for the best AT&T phones.

Apple iPhone 14 & 14 Plus: up to $800 off with trade-in and unlimited plan at AT&T (opens in new tab)AT&T's deals on the iPhone 14 offer the usual trade-in rebate of up to $800 this week - essentially the standard rate offered on the device since launch. While not the most exciting offer, this rebate is in fact enough to get the standard device for free if your old device is valued highly enough. Bear in mind, however, that you will need to be getting a new device on an unlimited data plan to be eligible here. These can be pretty pricey (like $80 per month), so it's definitely worth lining up a trade-in for a respectable discount. See this same deal on the iPhone 14 Plus (opens in new tab).

Samsung Galaxy S23: save up to $800 with a trade-in and unlimited plan at AT&T (opens in new tab)The latest Samsung Galaxy device is here and this week's AT&T deals are offering an incredibly enticing trade-in rebate of up to $800. This saving is enough to get the standard Galaxy S23 for free and it's actually pretty easy to get the full rebate right now (the trade-in conditions are very generous. As always, however, you will need to pair this deal up with an unlimited data plan to be eligible for a saving. See this same deal on the Galaxy S23 Plus (opens in new tab).

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: save up to $800 with a trade-in and unlimited plan at AT&T (opens in new tab)AT&T's offering those same trade-in focused deals on the latest Galaxy Z Fold 4 this week, with a maximum saving of up to $800. This is currently a match for the best-ever deal on this device at AT&T so it's definitely worth going for if you fancy picking up a great foldable phone.

Samsung Galaxy A03s: $129.99 $39.99 at AT&T (opens in new tab)A good choice if you're strictly on a budget, you can score the Galaxy A03s for 50% off right now at AT&T if you buy it in conjunction with any monthly plan. Buy it online, and the carrier will also void your $15 activation fee, which isn't a huge bonus, but a good bonus either way considering the total cost of the phone is pretty cheap.

AT&T Signature program: check your eligibility (opens in new tab)If you're an employee at an eligible company or student of an eligible school or college you may be entitled to AT&T's Signature program. Benefits include service discounts, discounts on phones and accessories, and even waived activation fees.

AT&T accessories deal: save up to 30% on accessories (opens in new tab)If you were thinking about picking up that wireless charger or maybe even a case for that shiny new device, AT&T currently has a few good discounts to check out. Aside from chargers and cases, there are also earbuds, adaptors, and plenty of cables too - everything you'd need for use with your new phone in fact.

If you haven't found the AT&T deals you're looking for this week, feel free to bookmark this page and return next week. Alternatively, check out our Verizon deals page for all the latest offers on AT&T's main competitor.

I have had an account with AT&T for over 10 years, and have switched my sat. TV etc... Always loyal always paid on time! I have a family share plan that had 7 lines. My daughter got married and we added her husband to our account making it 9 lines. When doing so we were also having to buy him a new phone. We were offered the buy one get one IPHONE deal. It was explained that this would be in the form of a bill credit, on the second phone and that it would not be paid off until the other phone is paid off, and that if we defaulted on the other phone we would be charged for the second phone. This was fine. Until my son in law who is in the military went into the At&T store in San Diego to find out about upgrading his phone. He was told if he moved his and my daughters lines to their own plan with the military discount it would be cheaper, at which time they contacted me and I spoke with the representative who assured me this would have no effect on my lines or my bill except removing the portion for those two lines. The only stipulation was that his phone that was on the payment plan had to be paid off, easy enough. Of course we were willing to do this if it was going to save them money and had no other consequences, so we paid off the phone and transferred the lines. I was told it make take a cycle to catch up, OK... Next cycle I am still being billed for the 2nd phone though not receiving bill credit. I called I was told not to pay that amount and it was being fixed and would be reflected on new bill. Next bill, late notice for not paying that amount, still being billed and no credit. When I called I spent over an hour trying to explain the situation and not able to understand person I was speaking to and they were unable to explain why. At which time I went to At&T store, they said they only handle new orders not billing information. Back home back on the phone 2 people 3 1/2 hours later this is the explanation:

Buy one get one was applied to the two phones both are billed and one receives a credit back each month until other phone is paid off, though if you default you do not receive credit anymore. When you switched lines and paid off the one phone you paid off the phone that was free and was receiving the credit, so you paid off the free phone not the one that was being paid for. The phone paid off was my son in laws, which was the original phone I bought, the buy one get one was suggested and I took advantage of it for another family member. It was my son in laws phone I paid off? Yes but, when it was set up his phone # was set up as the free one. So your saying if they had applied the payment to the other phone number it would have paid it off and then the phone would have been free? Yes. Well then why was it not done this way, or told to us? Will you reverse it? No, there is nothing we can do now. So basically we just paid $385 that was not applied to the phone I owed $385 to it was applied to the free phone and I still owe $385 on the phone? Yes and there is nothing we can do I apologize. Can it be refunded, bill credit etc? No

This conversation went on as I was so upset to be loyal customer, and because of someones hurry to sell a new phone the customer service portion of this company, went out the window... This is the thanks you get for being loyal... 041b061a72


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