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Lenovo Thinkpad Serial Ata Hard Drive Bay Adapter T60

The IdeaPad Y400 and Y500 laptops have an UltraBay slot which can be swapped for another hard drive, another fan or another Nvidia GT650M (or GT750M)[1] GPU which will work in SLI with the system's primary video card for increased graphics performance. Existing orders for the UltraBay Y500 DVD Burner (no built in optical drive) were cancelled in early June, 2013.[citation needed]

lenovo thinkpad serial ata hard drive bay adapter t60


Starting in 2014, Lenovo changed the design of the ThinkPad bay adapter and dropped the "UltraBay" terminology from use. What remained (in the ThinkPad W540 product) was an option for a removable Serial ATA (SATA) "Caddy" accessory which, with a screw driver, allowed the optical drive to be replaced with a second 2.5 inch SATA storage device. Battery expansion in the Caddy Bay was no longer offered, and earlier hot-swap functionality was essentially rendered difficult if not impossible.

2nd HDD SATA adapter by LEICKE. A bootable SATA hard drive can be installed.Compatible with the 400/R500, SL500 series. Not compatible with R5X R6X Z6X T4X T6X Z6X etc.!1A chipset (same as for the ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter II)Supports SATA II with Full SATA SpeedMaximum data transfer rate 3 GB/s (USB 2.0; 0.48 GB/s). Compared to that, many other adapters only have a transfer rate up to 0.5 GB/s.The Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay adapter for the Ultrabay Slim drive slot - without operating system. The LEICKE hard drive adapter (HDD) 2nd generation is perfect for data back ups, mirroring, extension of capacity up to 2000 GB and a 2nd bootable hard drive.Do you want to swap large amounts of data between two ThinkPads regularly?With the adapter you can share your data between two ThinkPads super fast, at least 3-5 times faster than hard disk, USB 2.0 and 2-3 times faster than Gigabit network. Thanks to the top ThinkPad Ultrabay design, you do not need to draw any bolts to mount the adapter.Do you want to accelerate your ThinkPad further and secure the highest possible data security?With this adapter you cannot only incorporate a 2nd SATA hard drive, but also configure your hard drive as a 2nd SoftRAID, RAID 0 and RAID 1 on Linux and Vista. (XP only RAID 1)What is RAID?RAID refers to a system with which you can combine multiple hard disks to achieve higher speed and security. For RAID 0, the data is written distributed on two hard drives; in RAID 1 a 1:1 image of the data written on the other hard disk is created on a hard drive. (Usually RAID is only used with high-quality servers.)The adapter is an original LEICKE product of high quality.Compatibility:

Kompatibilní s ThinkPad Z60, Z61, T60, T61,R60, R61, X60, X61Lenovo ThinkPad Drive adapter Ultrabay Advance-HDD 2,5 SATAThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter - Overview Features and specifications The ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter gives you maximum storage flexibility with your ThinkPad. This adapter lets you add a second hard drive to the Ultrabay of your ThinkPad system. With a second serial hard drive media bay, you can quickly store and back up critical data.Hardware compatibility Description ThinkPad R60 Series ThinkPad T60 Series ThinkPad X60 Series ThinkPad Z60 Series ThinkPad Z61 Series ThinkPad Advanced Dock media bay ThinkPad X6 Ultrabase media bay


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