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Josh Contreras

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"In my case, it was the only way out," the petite Hispanic woman recalled last week in the visitor's room at Dwight. She says the guard, her assigned escort, had threatened a few days earlier to report her for attempting to escape - a charge she denied. "You can't fight tooth and nail. You just stay quiet and then it's over," she says, gazing stone-faced onto the snow-covered grounds outside.

Complaints of abuse have increased as women flood into the prison system. Since 1980, the number of women entering US prisons has surged nearly 400 percent, double the incarceration rate increase for males. In Illinois, the female population of state prisons has increased 600 percent.

The unacknowledged paradox at the heart of your investment in Macron as the one who must be supported because he is holding back the darkness is that he is remarkably ill-suited to that task since he has spent his entire political life eroding the economic and social consensus that formed the postwar bulwark against totalitarianism and fascism. By tirelessly undermining the social arrangements that made the post-war prosperity possible and which, among other things, converted the proles into petite bourgeoisie (thereby neutralizing the threat of communism), it is Macron and his fellow travelers who are fueling the rise of the extreme right and making a future FN government inevitable. 041b061a72


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