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i was a pretty normal 15-year-old boy. my only previous experience with porn was a few early and failed attempts to download it from kat. also, i was a religious conservative, so it was a thrill for me to see the new pope, a teacher of mine, in the news one day. but my interest in popes and sex went beyond the political - i was a classically educated, good-looking, somewhat socially awkward, young man, and there was an attractive girl in my grade who did not seem to have many friends and had a lot of free time. she lived near my school and i would occasionally see her at parties or events. she and i chatted a bit online, but never seriously.

who knows, perhaps we might discover that we have a different love language than our spouse or partner, or we might realize that we are a bit of a language snob. but i dont think the fact that we arent talking to each other indicates that we have stopped being in love. rather, that we havent been in love long enough to learn what that expression is. i do think that as long as there are touch (and other) loving moments and a willingness to discuss that loving (and other) moments, we can have a loving relationship from afar and with no time together.

if you arent sure what love languages are, then read the full article on the loving intimacy website. the article is written by tim and beverly lahaye, the authors of the bestselling series the act of marriage.

the love language workbook is a book that you can use on a regular basis to help you determine what your spouse or partner most appreciates and to practice the ways you can demonstrate that. you can read about how to use the book in my short article on the love languages website. 3d9ccd7d82


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