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Each year, male deer, or bucks, will shed their antlers from the tops of growths on their skulls. They'll then regrow them. In the fall, the layer of tissue called velvet, which grows over the top of the bone, begins to shed off. This depletes the blood supply to the horn at the same time the growth stops and the bone hardens. Over a period of 120 days, more than 200 inches of antler growth may take place.

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When it comes to developing tissues, theantlers of such a buck have the quickest rate of growth in the world! Whenantlers are shed, new antlers sprout almost instantly and can develop beyond aninch each day! A consequence of antler growth is that bucks experience atransitory kind of osteoporosis, in which calcium, as well as phosphorus, aretaken from their bones and used to build antlers. If you are planning to addWhitetail deer antlers to your collection, then you must consider cascadebiological supply.

Welcome to, the world's number one site for finding deer antlers for sale. Here, you can browse and shop through hundreds of antlers, deer antler sheds, and antler-related items, all at your fingertips. Get started by visiting our store pages on the right-hand side of the page.

We know just how tiresome and difficult it is to find real deer antlers. You can roll the dice and try your luck finding shed deer antlers in the wild, but many times you will come out empty-handed. Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to find them for sale in stores as well, since major department stores don't carry them. Thankfully, though, we make finding and buying deer antlers a quick and simple process by connecting you with sellers from all over the country.

People use deer antlers for a number of reasons. If you're a hunter, you might use them as deer calls by rattling two antlers together. This creates the sound of two bucks butting antlers together, which oftentimes sparks curiosity from nearby deer. But, antlers are also used for a variety of crafts and activities, many of which you are probably unaware of.

Many people use antlers to craft together various items, such as chandeliers. In fact, deer antler chandeliers are one of the most popular antler items sold to date. Chances are you've probably seen a deer antler chandelier somewhere either in a cabin, store, magazine, or on T.V. Antlers are great for making chandeliers because of their durability and unique style. There's simply no substitute when it comes to real deer antler chandeliers.

Of course there are a number of other items you can craft with deer antlers. You see, deer antlers are actually made of bone-material. This makes them durable and helps prevent them from breaking easily, making them the perfect tool for crafting. Some other popular deer antler items you can find for sale include deer antler pens, canes, letter openers, lamps, and many more. Do you have a dog that loves to chew? Well, maybe you should try giving your canine companion a deer antler chew. That's right, deer antlers even make great dog chews. Antlers are all-natural, full of vitamins and minerals, and doesn't splinter when chewed on. It doesn't get better than that if you're dog!

You can use deer antlers for an endless number of crafts and activities, from using them as deer calls to constructing elaborate chandeliers. Their durability and uniqueness make them appealing for many tasks.

Simply put, male deer shed their antlers for the purpose of growing new ones. This cycle happens once every year for them. Most species of deer will begin to shed their antlers in late winter to early spring (varies depending on location).

Shedding their antlers usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. After they've shed their antlers, they will start the regrowth process by growing blood vessels known as "velvet" around the antlers, which fills them with needed vitamins and minerals during the growth. The antler regrowth process happens a bit slower, taking place over the summer, and usually lasting 3 to 5 months.

Deer antlers are a great prize to come across in the woods of your favorite hunting grounds. If you're thinking about going hunting for shed deer antlers, here are some tips that have helped me be successful throughout the years:

Sheds are rarely found "laying around outside the park". Moose shed during the winter; elk in the spring, generally in April. You can buy elk antlers in Jackson an the annual boy scouts' auction at Elkfest:

Regular Firearms Season and Muzzleloader Seasons: During these seasons, only those hunters possessing an antlerless deer permit may hunt antlerless deer and bucks with antlers less than three inches in length; other hunters are restricted to hunting bucks with antlers three inches or more in length.

Dogs have been chewing on antlers probably as long as they have both existed, but only recently have city-dogs been able to get their teeth on them. Pet Expertise introduced antlers for dogs, and they remain one of our biggest sellers to this day. We get tons of wonderful feedback from happy dog owners so we figured we'd share a bit of what we have learned about them. Below we will briefly explain antler biology, where we source our deer antlers for dogs, why they make great dog chews, how to keep your dog safe with his/her antler chew, and how to get the most out of your antler dog chews.

Deer grow a new pair of antlers each year from the time they are a year old. Antlers begin as layers of cartilage that slowly mineralize into bone. They are soft and easily damaged until they completely mineralize in late summer. Antlers grow very quickly - faster than any other kind of bone - up to one inch per day during the summer! As they get larger, they begin to branch out and are covered with a thin skin of fine fur called velvet (antlers for dogs that contain velvet are even more nutritious). At this time, the blood that flows to the antlers stops causing them to harden. When the antlers have reached their full growth, the protective velvet covering dries, and the deer will eventually rub the velvet off on trees. Finally, in the winter, the antlers fall off, but with each successive year's growth, the antlers branch into more points until the deer has reached his prime.

The problem with split antlers: In the past, we have considered selling split antlers for dogs that prefer to have easier access to the inner marrow. The problem with this is that it makes the antler unstable, more prone to cracking or splitting, and generally riskier to the safety of dogs. Therefore, we are uncomfortable selling products that we cannot guarantee are safe, so you will not find split antler dog chews at Pet Expertise for this reason.

Expensive but worth it. The moose antler pieces were larger than I expected, could have gone with medium for my big border collies. The dogs like them and moose antlers seem easier on the their teeth than elk.

Each winter, male moose shed their antlers. Moose antlers are packed with healthy minerals like calcium and phosphorus making them a great choice for a long lasting dog chew!

Shed antler hunting is becoming increasingly popular. Each year more and more people hit the hills in search of antlers, and when the piles of antlers start to stack up, many decide it is time to sell those hard-earned antlers.

Sets of antlers are the toughest to sell unless they are very unique or massive. This is because people find and sell lots of 160" mule deer sets or 280" elk sets. A lot of the time, it is worth more to sell your smaller sets and price them per pound, instead of spending time and effort looking for the right buyer. There are a lot of things to consider when judging the value of a set of antlers. A 170" mule deer set can sell for a lot more if it has lots of mass or unique character like tall eyeguards or extra cheaters. For example, a two point mule deer set that scored 140" is very unique and rare, so this set would be easier to sell than a 180" four point set. Most sets are bought by the pound unless they score over 350", but even at that size they can be hard to sell.

Nontypical sheds can be worth more depending on the look and size. Some nontypical antlers may be more desirable to collectors. Again there are a lot of factors that can attract more attention and can bring more money.

My goal this year is to buy 100,000 pounds of antlers this year. That is worth approximately $1,000,000, with a small profit margin. When buying shed antlers you have to consider overhead, gas, mileage, expenses on truck, and storage trailers to haul antlers. My profit will be about 50 cents a pound at the end of the year.

I feel if I treat my sellers right they will continue to want to sell to me year after year and that is what is most important to me. I want everyone I buy from to feel like they were treated fairly! I have been collecting antlers myself for about 25 years and have sold thousands of antlers. I know what it feels like to have a bad experience and to feel like I did not get a good deal on my hard earned antlers.

Right now there is a big demand for antlers because there are so many different things antlers are used for like crafts, chandeliers, jewelry, dog chews, decoration, knife handles, and medicinal purposes.

There is just something about shed antlers. The way they look and what they mean to the hunter invokes those that find them to want to hold on to them. Keeping shed antlers is a physical record of a particular hunting area, or even a particular animal. There is something valuable about being able to put actual tape on antlers from an area you hunt. There is even more value in being able to track a deer's growth from year to year. This data aside, the excitement of a find makes some sheds too precious to do anything with besides watch collect dust.

For the shed hunter, the most unique antlers deserve a place in the house for all to see. The rest join the collection pile outside. Many avid shed hunters take pride in their shed pile. Like any collection, the collector has a desire to constantly add to the lot and keep searching for the few treasured sheds that are good enough to bring inside. 041b061a72


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