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Paul A Young Chocolate Buy Online

The famous Knightsbridge store is open online, and boasts a selection of luxurious chocolate gifts for everyone. Why not treat somebody you love with a thoughtful box of chocolate truffles, a cannister of enrobed nuts, or a selection of chocolate treats from other luxurious chocolate brands?

paul a young chocolate buy online

Get yourself to the capital's finest chocolate shops and chocolatiers. Some have been going for centuries, and many have French, Belgian or Swiss influences, so they know their stuff. Plenty have online stores too, so you can support local or independent businesses, from home.

Paul is a trained chef; after graduating he quickly worked through the ranks of a restaurant kitchen to the position of head pastry chef for Marco Pierre White at Quo Vadis and Criterion. He then moved into specialising in chocolate, opened his first shop in 2006 and has been creating products that have won awards, wowed customers and earned him the reputation he has today. Paul now uses his vast knowledge to mentor and support young chefs as a committee member of the Craft Guild of Chefs, helping to organise and judge the pastry chef diploma.

Hong Kong's chocolatiers say Easter is becoming a bigger celebration for both expat bankers and Chinese nationals. "We have a good mix of Chinese and Westerners buying the Easter items," said Lamey Chang, of Peninsula Merchandising - a subsidiary of the Peninsula Hotels in Hong Kong and Shanghai, which sells a range of chocolates both online and in its local boutiques. Peninsula's Easter basket, costing a reasonable HD520 ($67) is almost sold out, Chang said.

There is a new trend online and it is Dalgona Coffee. You might be wondering 'What is Dalgona Coffee?' or 'Where can I get my hands on a delicious Dalgona Coffee recipe?' Well we have got you covered...Dalgona is a whipped coffee, served over iced milk. It has just a few simple steps to make an Instagram worthy iced coffee of which most Barista's would be proud.Paul A. Young has taken it one step further and produced a decadent chocolate Dalgona recipe with an indulgent Maple and Vanilla twist that is definitely worth a try. So what are you waiting for?

Visit Catherine, one of the handful of bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Montréal, in her tiny Villeray workshop, where you can taste and buy her single-plantation chocolate bars. These incredible chocolates can also be bought online and at several stores around town.

Chef Franck Dury Pavet had accumulated a 20 year or so experience as the chocolate maker at Fous Desserts before founding Chocolat Dicitte, his new eco-conscious and responsible venture. The cocoa beans are carefully selected before being processed at his workshop and turned into an exquisite collection of bean-to-bar tablets. Their chocolates are sold online as well as at several retailers.

Choco de Léa is a vegan and eco-friendly, bean-to-bar chocolate factory. Chocolate maker and owner Léa creates seasonal specialties, fondues, and beautiful bars topped with interesting local ingredients such as Labrador Tea, sweet clover, or toasted buckwheat. You can purchase her creations online.

With a swinging cane, an unmistakable brown top hat, and a velvet long coat, everybody knows Willy Wonka. But before he became the chair of the chocolate factory and pioneer of candy that inspired kids worldwide, Wonka was just a person in search of a calling. Questing for a purpose with no earthly way of knowing in which direction he is going, Wonka must learn to trust himself and those around him in order to thrive. Peculiar as he is, the young man attracts all manner of strange things to him. Traveling through unknown worlds, he meets his companions, the Oompa-Loompas, for the first time. Their meeting will change his fate forever and challenge the young chocolatier to meet his fate head-on and become the tinkering artist in a factory of dreams. 041b061a72


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