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Madden is the second EA sports franchise to cross 100 million units sold. The EA soccer juggernaut, FIFA, surpassed 100 million units sold in 2022. EA's Sims series Mut 24 coins, which was sold at 100 million units way to 2022, and the EA Need for Speed franchise hit 100 million copies sold by 2022.

Madden is one of a handful of other franchises that have surpassed 100 million units sold. Other franchises that have crossed the 100 million mark include Assassin's Conquest, Grand Theft Auto, Mario, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Pokemon, and Lego.

EA has also announced that Madden games on mobile devices have reached the mark of 73 million installations. The most recent version, Madden NFL Overdrive, will be available on August 15.

"It's amazing how many people have been enthralled by Madden NFL throughout the years, and the effect it has had on not just teaching football, but also fostering the interest in it," EA Sports executive Cam Weber said in a statement. "Every season Madden NFL is the game that begins the seasons of EA Sports games, and it's one of the biggest names in the game business."

It's not an exciting news however, it's now officially announced: Madden NFL 24 is available for PS4 along with Xbox One on August 10. The new edition will bring improvements in graphics and animation because of Real Player Motion Technology. Players will also be provided with improved tools to build their roster as well as new ways to build and train players. Find out more information here.

No matter if you purchase the latest edition every year or are planning to join the Madden NFL franchise to the beginning in 2022 you'll be wondering which editions are available, what they'll cost you, and the best place to purchase Madden NFL 24. We've got your back however, remember the fact that EA Access members on Xbox One can download a free trial version and play the full game today. For more information, read the Madden NFL 24 review-in-progress cheap madden 24 coins.


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