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Strike Back Vendetta Complete Pack

  • Chris Ryan's Strike Back America Saves the Day: Inverted. The last story arc has the American government as the badguys: They used and abused a PTSD-addled computer expert and sent him off to Afghanistan, where he defected and joined a local warlord/politician who plans on taking over the whole of the Middle East. When he starts redirecting missiles at American troops, he's captured and planned to be executed in order to shift the blame onto the Brits, along with denying the existence of a second captive, who they know is a British SAS undercover, despite the fact his photo is already been seen by the Brits. It turns out they're also backing the warlord, and willing to supply him with weapons and information, as they believe he can control the Taliban for them, and they're willing to betray and demonize their own allies in order to do it, and do so while admitting it to their faces. Even Non-American viewers may find the depiction unneedingly demonizing towards America. Makes the second series' playing it straight with the focus on the American soldier a little ironic really.

  • Ass Shove: In the first two episodes, John Porter takes a moment (before walking into a terrorist trap) to wrap a Swiss army knife in cling-wrap and insert it into his ass. After being captured and verifying that the terrorists are holding the woman he's trying to rescue, he removes the knife and uses it to escape his cell.

  • Body Double: Robert Mugabe had a body double as plot for episode 3, season 1.

  • Early-Installment Weirdness: This season is produced without Cinemax, has 6 episodes (instead of the 10 later seasons got), and completely different protagonists than later seasons. It's like an action genre version of the UK & US versions of [[The Office]].

  • Every Helicopter Is a Huey: Even British ones, apparently, though the British army have never used them.

  • Mr. Fanservice: Richard Armitage. Of course, he gets his shirt off.

  • Get into Jail Free

  • Ho Yay: Gerald Baxter and John Porter. Invoked by Baxter saying they've got a fine "bromance" going. Just before he gets shot in the head by a sniper.

  • I Lied: Al-Nazeri, when preparing to execute the journalist in episode two: Porter: Hakim, you bastard, you said you'd take me first. Al-Nazeri: I lied.

  • Intimate Psychotherapy

  • I Surrender, Suckers: Porter's plan for rescuing the journalist in episode two, hence the Ass Shove above. It did go a little rougher than planned - he probably didn't expect them to have a bug detector for the tracker in his tooth, which was promptly ripped out of his mouth, preventing Section 20 from tracking him after that point.

  • Location Doubling: Filmed in South Africa.

  • Zerg Rush: Near the end of episode 4, season 1, Zimbabwean special forces try to kill off Felix and Porter somewhere near the Zimbabwe/South Africa border.

Strike Back Vendetta Complete Pack

The alpha werewolf called Deucalion, prior to the series, was the lead alpha of his pack, allies with Talia Hale, and Marin Morrell served as his emissary. He once sought peace and a better future between hunters and werecreatures, but was betrayed, then blinded by Gerard Argent. Eventually, he turned power-hungry and ruthless, killing all of his pack, subsuming all their power. Over the years, Deucalion formed a new pack comprised only of alphas for his new cause, including similarly augmented alphas Kali, Ennis, then later the twins. In Season 3, Deucalion is the leader of his Alpha Pack whom are present in Beacon Hills, California targeting the supernatural members supposedly intending to recruit Derek Hale. His actual plan is to acquire Scott McCall, the most unique of canine werecreatures, a True Alpha. To this end, Deucalion employs his alphas to gain leverage on Scott's allies, orchestrates a plan of assault against Derek, while simultaneously manipulating them, betraying and killing Ennis. He and his pack then redirect their attention to the darach, Jennifer Blake whom is committing human sacrifices in a move against him. He finally draws Scott into fighting Jennifer with him as pack members. In the three-way struggle between Deucalion himself, the Darach, and Scott and Derek's allies, he is finally defeated but gains his sight back due to Derek and Jennifer's actions. Deucalion witnesses Scott's rise to True Alpha, is reminded of humanity, aligning with Scott and saving the lives of the Darach's final sacrifices. He is spared by Scott and Derek on the condition he redeem himself. Deucalion honors his reprieve and reforms, paying the mercenary Braeden to rescue Derek from captivity by the Calaveras. In Season 5, Deucalion is tracked down, captured by the chimera Theo Raeken and his pack of chimeras amongst the carnage caused by the Dread Doctors and the resurrected Beast of Gevaudan. He puts himself out as having resumed his villainy and is blinded again, casting a vendetta against Scott. Theo wishes Deucalion teach him how to steal the beast 's power, and in return he'll help him get revenge on Scott. He shows Theo the secret to steal the power from another. It is revealed that Deucalion had in truth sabotaged Theo having been working with Scott all along to chip away Theo's hold over the chimeras and pay off his debt to Scott.

As the head of his original pack, Deucalion was a capable leader, being decisive, strong-willed and level-headed. He had a believe in pacifistic humanity and diplomacy. He positively believed that the hunter clans and werecreatures could put the past and vendettas behind them, hoping for a better future and could co-exise. He was however, naïve in thinking he could appeal to the dastardly Gerard Argent.

After having his sight restored, thanks to Derek outwitting the Darach, and being spared by both Scott and Derek, Deucalion changes has reformed as he pays back both Derek and Scott back by hiring Braeden to rescue Derek from the Calavera hunters and sabotaging Theo Raeken respectively. He remains a masterful actor as he convinces Theo of his apparent returned dastardedness that he wishes to take Scott out, undermines Theo's hold over his pack and successfully convinces Theo that he's rendered helpless whilst being held hostage.

Deucalion proposed the idea of a peace proposal with the hunters to the renowned alpha Talia Hale. He urgently pleaded Ennis not to send a message for vendetta, reasoning a war between the two powers will not end "at an eye for an eye", and in the end the packs will end up no better than the hunters. Ennis refused to listen, carving the spiral into the wall of an abandoned distillery, declaring revenge.

The lead alpha then highlights his objective to the dying Derek: being on the lookout for "new talent". Derek talks back, refusing the offer to join the alphas and that Deucalion wants him to kill his own pack as he'd learnt from the trap a few days ago. Deucalion corrects him, that he only wants Derek to kill one of his own.

The atmosphere is tense and quiet for moments. An obstinate Derek makes the first move, targeting Deucalion, but Kali swiftly knocks him back. A full-on fight erupts between the two packs while Deucalion, serene as ever, observes from the escalator. The super-powered alphas make quick work of Derek and his betas.

The Darach has recently been identified as the teacher Jennifer Blake. Deucalion has his Pack infiltrate the hospital to ambush Derek's pack and allies who have also identified Jennifer. Having sent the twins ahead, Deucalion and Kali arrive at the premises which is evacuating due to the big storm. They track down Jennifer who's exiting the elevator. The Alpha Pack leader takes the first strike, throwing his cane dagger at the Dark druid - which misses her head by inches and escapes in an elevator.

Kali has a commanding presence, no sense of fear and is an effective leader, naturally being Deucalion's second. She is very loyal to Deucalion, follows his orders unquestionably even if she doesn't always agree with them as she scoffed at the idea of Scott and Derek joining the Alpha Pack, not considering them worthy of the privilege. At first though however, Kali's loyalty was transmutable: she only joined the pack to be with Ennis at first. Her previous loyalty to her emissary Julia reached far enough to simply leave Julia to die in peace after mauling her, going against Deucalion's order. Typical for a werewolf, Kali is extremely vengeful, blindly swearing revenge against Derek for her lover Ennis' death. Kali's ruthlessness and thirst for vengeance blinded her however that she paid no heed Marin Morrell's (truthful) claims that her leader was who actually killed Ennis, showing her poor sense of judgement which ultimately leading to her undoing. Kali never backed down from Jennifer (Julia) and her impending death.

Kali, along with the whole pack of alphas, infiltrates the high school and corner Braeden, who puts up a decent fight. Kali delivers Braeden the dealing blow. The subordinates back away as Deucalion confronts their target.

The twins lived a miserable life with their pack, they would always be the ones who bore the brunt of the pack's aggressiveness; they were abused, bullied by all their fellow betas, and were labelled the "bitches" or "omegas" being at the bottom rank of the group. Because they lacked control over their shapeshifting and their merging talent, Ethan and Aiden couldn't fight back against their abusers. They stayed with the pack solely out of survival.

Right away, Ethan and Aiden challenged the entirety of their abusers. In their melded form, after Deucalion's training, they took on the entire pack. The twins then took down and killed their way up the pack one by one, until they saved their alpha for last. Once they cornered him, he begged the twins for mercy, but they killed him anyway. Because Ethan and Aiden had killed their alpha while merged, their fused form rose to alpha rank, and once they separated back into individuals, the usurped alpha status fell to both of them. Now having gained alpha rank, and finally having vengeance on their abusers, and indebted to Deucalion, the twins pledged their loyalty to him, becoming members of his Alpha Pack. 041b061a72


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