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2. Wasn't Expecting That !!TOP!!

They're striking the right balance with the new and old characters, and everything blends together well, showing that even with a cast this big, one that has grown, it's possible to even things out in exciting ways.

2. Wasn't Expecting That

It's downright silly where they are now, with the constant bickering and how we've glossed over so much of Owen's storyline only to land him here. However, as ludicrous as their presence is these days, one cannot deny that Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver have great comedic chops.

Winston took it one step further when he reminded Maggie that he's only good because of mentors like her and that instead of banking on him to do everything she desired since she trusted him, she needed to actually focus on mentoring and teaching new doctors to be great too.

It was a mic-drop moment for Winston. While it felt like they got over their tiff too easily, given how genuinely annoyed he was, at least there's evidence that these two aren't annoyingly perfect as a pairing and can have some conflict or something of interest.

At least in the romance department, things have thawed between Mer and Nick, and they may actually be on track with one another now that they have talked, and Mer bared her heart to this handsome man with perfect hair.

Nick was working wonders with the program but wasn't letting Meredith off the hook. And you can't blame him since she went six months without calling or talking to him. He makes her put herself out there and get out of her own way, and that's good for her.

My heart swelled a bit when she told him she was still in love with him. And it was all he needed to put things aside. The two of them choosing to support Zola at her presentation for their first day out again was suitable since Zola is another person who genuinely wanted her mother happy and knew Nick gave that to her.

It's a genuine fear for an intelligent girl who loves medicine to have about her family. Now, it makes you wonder how long Zola's had that type of anxiety. We already know how hard a time she had when Mer was in her coma.

Understandably, he already knows that the others have viewed him as a screwup, so he doesn't need to deal with them knowing about his connection to Amelia and Mer, too. Although, something tells me that it'll come out sooner rather than later, especially with Addison returning to the series.

She and Jules growing closer was sweet, too. It's endearing that Mer is pushing them to lean onto each other because she knows from experience how invaluable her relationships were with the other members of M.A.G.I.C. she was in the trenches with while coming up.

Simone and Jules had their hands full with that medical mystery case, and it was riveting until the end. I was afraid that something terrible happened because of that leftover food, and I wasn't prepared to learn what it was while currently eating leftovers.

Amelia catches Lucas as he changes into his scrubs in an on-call room. He's living there until he finds a permanent spot. He asks her not to tell his mother but Amelia is not on speaking terms with her. Amelia invites him to Meredith to spend at least one good night but he insist on no special favors. As they exit, Benson comes running by and makes a quick inference about the situation. Benson and Lucas rush off, almost running into Maggie and Meredith. Meredith talks about Nick's changes to the program. Meredith was expecting a little more communication from him. Meredith invites her sisters to come see Zola's presentation for the Pacific Northwest scholars. Her paper on her hero, dr. Ellis Grey, is on the shortlist for their merit program.

Benson finds Winston, who shows him an X-ray. He diagnoses a pericardial effusion. The teaching moment is interrupted by Maggie, who bestows a list of tasks onto Winston, having pushed his lobectomy to this afternoon. Winston is not pleased since he has already postponed that patient twice. Maggie thanks Winston and says she'll check in after her TAVR. Lucas is excited that they are doing a valve replacement but she tasks him with her scut.

Teddy is scolding Owen for inserting a chest tube without direct supervision. Mika reports for Owen's service. Teddy laughs as Owen suggests she find a different service. Teddy is now Chief of Trauma since her husband lost his mind. She clarifies that Owen will lose his license if the Washington Medical Commission finds out he does anything medical on his own, meaning she has to call an additional attending for everything.

Both Richard and Meredith arrive at Chase's bed. Jules and Simone each paged an attending. The interns brief the attendings. Meredith finds that the rash has spread to Chase's limbs as well. She orders blood cultures and a chest X-ray and has Chase administered to the ICU. They can page her once they are done.

Meredith arrives in the ICU. Chase became completely unresponsive and his rash is now everywhere. Meredith intubates Chase as the interns watch her closely. Simone checks for breath sounds and hears them on both sides. Meredith goes to leave but Jules calls her back in upon noticing that Chase is bleeding from his central line.

Levi enters Joe's bar and asks Taryn, who's bartending, to come back. She is enjoying her life now. If she makes a mistake here, nobody dies. He reminds her he is Chief Resident now, which she says is only due to the fact that she is not coming back. He challenges her to prove him wrong and even says Meredith wants her back. Taryn sees through his lie. Meredith is straight and Taryn has enough self-esteem now to only fall for women who might love her back. Levi gives up and returns to answer Maggie's page.

Richard catches up with Teddy to tell her he's glad that she and Owen are back, which he imagines is hard with everything Owen has to go through. Teddy thinks Owen asked Richard to intervene about her drinking habits. Richard just wants to know how she's doing. She spent the last six months working locum tenens in LA while Owen built sandcastles with the kids. His legal team bankrupted them. Seeing his face fills her with annoyance so she has to go outside and pretend to garden to get rid of the rage. She hasn't left him because he is the father of her kids and somewhere deep down, she still loves him. Wine helps her remember that though she has everything under control.

Jules proposes toxic shock syndrome but Simone shuts that down as there is no liver or renal dysfunction. Jules briefs the other interns on the case, adding that she has never seen so much vomit despite the fact that her parents did so much hallucinogens. Mike is paged to go find an attending to supervise Owen. Lucas proposes rickettsial disease, which Benson dismisses.

Owen and Mika inform Harold that the ultrasound was inconclusive so they'll order a CT scan. Harold wants to talk to his doctor without his wife. Sharon has located her phone using an app and found that it's in the room. She calls her phone with Harold's phone. The buzzing comes from Harold's body. He stuck her phone up his ass. Harold yells that she's always on the damn thing. Mika is asked to page Teddy so Owen can retrieve the phone.

As they enjoy some fruit at the park, Bailey asks Jo if things are improving at Grey Sloan but Jo instead asks how Bailey manages to keep it together while being faced with a world full of issues that she has to raise her daughter in. Bailey reminds herself that Pru has already lost a parent so she cannot get herself arrested. Jo says she and Carina have extended clinic hours to accommodate patients from other states. Bailey inquires about her surgical hours. Jo realizes that Bailey is using her to get information about the hospital while she thought Bailey could be a her mom friend.

Nick finds Meredith and informs her that the kidney transplant went well. She brings up the changes he made. He asks if there's a problem. She denies and proceeds to make small talk, which he deems weird. Jules comes up to talk to Meredith about Chase.

Richard finds Nick to inquire about mini grand rounds. Nick says interns present cases to the group which helps with lecture capabilities and future rounds. Nick wanted Richard to be there to provide feedback. He wonders if someone will criticize every change that he makes. Richard says six months ago, he wasn't his best self. Nick deserves an apology, too. Nick appreciates that but he feels like there is more to it. Richard says it's none of his business but Meredith is worth taking a job for, if that is why he did. As of now, the program is all Nick's.

Jules and Link get gowned and gloved in the OR. Mika is surprised to find Benson in the gallery. He explains that Winston's procedure was rescheduled by Maggie. There are clearly issues between them. Mika complains about her situation with Owen and Teddy. She is then paged again.

Jules find that Link has written "Cut this leg :) you've got this" on Chase's left leg and "not this leg :(" on the right one. She openly questions if Link is flirting with her on a sick patient's leg. Link says this is him being a supportive teacher. He also genuinely doesn't want her to cut off the wrong leg. Jules asks for a scalpel and makes the first cut.

As they walk with their daughter, Jo has informed Bailey on all the changes that Nick has made to the residency program. She likes the changes but she has tried to implement similar changes, which was always met with resistance. Jo tells her she is allowed to change her mind and come back. Bailey has started a garden at Pru's school. She gives talks about plants and how, if you plant a seed, the roots have to grow before anything else. She wrote a sex ed program with a community clinic and is answering phones for a women's organization. She is planting seeds and growing roots. She's not ready to return. But she does count Jo as a mom friend. Jo smiles.

Maggie finds Winston and apologizes for messing up his schedule. He asks if that includes the past six months. Maggie explains that she needed people she could trust in her OR. Interns are not senior residents. Winston points out that doesn't make it okay for her to treat him like her resident like she did at Tufts. Winston says he is talented because he had a good teacher. She can't expect people to be good unless they teach those people, which he can't do if she messes with his cases and schedule. Maggie understands. 041b061a72


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