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Only the youngest nymphs show any interest in very small insects,such as aphids, fruit flies and mosquitoes. Older nymphs andadults prefer to dine on moths, flies, beetles and larger insects.Their green and brown bodies camouflage them well. The wingstypically have markings that make them appear almost leaf-like.So disguised, a mantid is able to blend into the background andsneak up on unsuspecting insects.Beasts

The male mantid, which is smaller than the female, must approachthe female cautiously, as any mantid will eat any other. So heapproaches from behind and climbs onto the female's back, holdingher with his front legs.He then bends the tip of his abdomen around to join with the tipof hers, transferring sperm through her gonopore into a specialchamber in her abdomen, where it's stored. These sperm thenfertilize hundreds of eggs as the female lays them in severalbatches over the next few weeks.The male's instinct to mate must be overwhelming. He commonlyloses his head over it -- literally. The female's ability torotate her head enables her to start eating the male's head evenas their mating proceeds. The reproductive organs are able tokeep transferring the sperm.Once the male has contributed his sperm, the female finishesdevouring him. After mating, his only value to her is as anutrient source.Prolific

In early spring, the nymphal mantids all emerge within a fewhours. Any newly hatched mantids that don't immediately move awayare eaten by their siblings.Survivors live several months, growing larger and developinglonger wings each time they molt. Females have expanded abdomensand eat large amounts of prey, so that they can produce severalegg batches before they die.So, despite the scientific name of one species, Mantisreligiosa, mantids are more adept at preying than praying.Unless they're praying for prey. Or, for the females, praying fora mate-snack combo.(Nancy Hinkle is an Extension Service entomologist with theUniversity of Georgia College of Agricultural and EnvironmentalSciences.) Nancy Hinkle is a Cooperative Extension entomologist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

The present study investigates to what extent the life events, which includes self-perceived health, self-esteem, internal locus of control and coping effectiveness as indicators, could explain the occurrence of positive affect and depression amongst these elderly persons. The relationships between life events, self-esteem-level, internal locus of control, coping effectiveness, and psychological well-being among older persons (aged 60 or above) in Hong Kong are examined. Eight pilot study cases have been carried out in order to test for the validity of the research instrument. One hundred and three elderly respondents were successfully interviewed face-to-face from three main estates in Tseung Kwan O district, a new-town area in Eastern New Territories in Hong Kong: Po Lam Estate1 (N = 46), Tsui Lam Estate (N = 36), and King Lam Estate (N = 21).

No significant correlation has been found between life events and positive affect, but there is significant correlation between life events and depression. The study supports previous researches that show self-perceived health, self-esteem, and internality are significantly correlated with psychological well-being. However, only few coping strategies USE/HELP and coping effectiveness are partially correlated with psychological well-being.

There are some intervening effects of self-esteem and internal locus of control found in the relationship between life events and psychological well-being. However, no intervening effect of coping strategies USE has been found in such a relationship, and only avoidance coping effectiveness showed a intervening (moderating) effect on the relationship between life events and positive affect. No intervening effect was found in the life events-psychological well-being model. However, some coping USE and effectiveness showed intervening (mediating) effects in the self-esteem-psychological well-being model and internality-psychological well-being model. Further studies are necessary to enforce the roles of the main variables in the proposed framework.

She, K. H. B. (2004). A study of life events and psychological well-being among older persons in Hong Kong: The role of self-esteem, coping and locus of control (Master's thesis, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from _etd.22

As raised again in a NYT op-ed the other week, Las Vegas hotels hire only model-looking women as pool-side waitresses and then require them to meet exacting (and gender stereotype reinforcing) grooming standards, all while walking around in tiny bikinis. (Male waiters are in polo shirts and knee-length shorts.) And why? Because we think it acceptable to sell a mostly male clientele the sort of sexual fantasy they want to buy. But then think of consumer racist or sexual orientation preferences. A restaurant cannot deny service to a black woman, even if it were the case that serving her meant losing potential revenue from racists. Not so for refusing service to a lesbian couple on that same basis. If your customers don't like fat people, no problem excluding them either.

Sorry to bust the PC mentality here but let me offer a different version. What about women who want to dress up in a way that makes them look sexy and desirable (i.e., most women)? Should laws be enacted to stop businesses from dress requirements that most females fantasize about being able to model and fit into in order to attract male attention? Isnt that discrimination? Strip clubs and bachelorette parties for women will hire muscular, well built and (if discernable well hung) guys - should they be forced to hire pot bellied or gaunt men or men that don't pack it? What about adult films? Should the producers be forced to hire (fill in) rather than the (fill in) that are the desirable actors/actresses?The well-based requirements of non racial, ethnic and sex discrimination in hiring are adequate. To start tinkering with "looks" is getting absurd.

page: 300 it is inevitable that they will be trampled by herds of cattle, overturned with the plow, torn by hay rakes or reapers. Often they are on bridges and fences, where they are picked to pieces by the first passing boy. They are in bushes in plain sight of roads and pathways, when if placed a few yards farther back, they would be effectually concealed. Birds build in clearings, where the trees are falling fast, and it would seem that any degree of foresight would teach them that their tree would go next. Once, in a clearing, a pair of doves built a nest in a brush heap and the hen deposited her eggs, between the time the cuttings were stacked and the workers were ready to apply the torch. Luckily, that nest was on our land and I could order the workers to leave the heap and give it all possible protection, or that nest would have been burned three days after it was built. A pair of wrens built in a sprinkling can that was hung in a tree to drain, and a pair of robins on the cross beam of a hay rake left standing in an open field. I previously described the nest built on a freight car. Last summer, I was called to the backyard of a neighbour to take a picture of a nest of a wren, built in the hip pocket of a pair of trousers hung on the line. The garment was left until the wrens had finished with it. 041b061a72


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