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Note 3 1080p 60 Fps Capture 20


The star of the show, 8K recording, was introduced on the S20 series and is supported on the Note20 Ultra as well, still in 24fps only. 4K and 1080p capture is available on all cameras at 30fps, while the main cam adds 60fps recording in both resolutions.

Switch into Pro video mode, and that will add 24fps modes for both resolutions for that cinematic look. Continuing the cinematic theme, 21:9 aspect for 8K, 4K and 1080p joins the list of options. But there's more - you also get 1080p at 120fps, non-slow-mo, real-life speed, for dizzying action videos to enjoy on that 120Hz screen. Realistically, the only other major source of 120fps clips would be gameplay videos off the internet.

You can record zoomed-in footage at 2x, which comes off the main camera. You get 4K30 there, as well as 4K60, and 1080p in both frame rates. Going into 5x zoom and beyond, it's the actual telephoto camera that takes over the 30fps modes in both 4K and 1080p.

As on the S20 Ultra, 60fps is also available if you switch to 5x first and then change the resolution and frame rate, but the zoom trees disappear if you change settings first. Seeing how the 5x 60fps footage is, again, actually captured by the main cam and it's best not to look at it, Samsung is effectively trying to prevent you from doing zoomed-in 60fps by little weird UI methods.

Stabilization is available in all modes, except 1080p at 120fps. That includes 8K24 and 4K60, which is nice. You can also disable it if you wish, which is also nice as some makers don't let you do that.

The Note20 Ultra gets the Super steady implementation from the S20 Ultra with both zoom levels being captured on the ultra wide cam. The alternative - wide mode on the ultra wide angle cam, less wide mode on the main cam - is available on the S20s, the Note10s, and the S10s. It appears that the 108MP module is the common denominator in the Ultras and we're speculating something along the lines of insufficient readout speed on the big sensor.

The ultra wide cam will deliver a minor bump in saturation while dynamic range remains wide. 4K is not super sharp on a pixel level, and there is some noise here for a change, while in 1080p the sharpness is good, and noise has been processed out.

At 5x zoom, the tele cam kicks in to save the day. 4K is sharp and detailed, perhaps a notch below ideal, while 1080p is downright excellent. At 10x zoom, 4K is usable though not spectacular to look at from up close, while 1080p holds up well.

Stabilization on the Note20 Ultra is very dependable too. Shooting on the main cam, even in 8K, you can count it will stay planted on your subject if you're not moving, it will iron out walking nicely, and it won't hint for focus, ruining the impression of steadiness, like we saw on the S20 Ultra. Pans, too, are handled without abrupt transitions from stationary state to motion and the other way around. For the most part, that is - 1080p at 60fps in particular was a bit temperamental in these transitional moments.

Super steady mode (only in 1080p) in its wider form is perhaps a bit steadier, but with the already excellent results from regular stabilized ultra wide clips we're hardly seeing the point. The zoomed-in mode makes for softer videos, too soft to be likable regardless of how steady they may be. Not to mention at this level you're looking at a tighter field of view than out of the main cam.

1080p clips shot at 120fps can only really be appreciated on a high refresh rate screen - which, conveniently, the Note has, of course. They have a very... unusual look with a certain dizzying effect to them. We find this mode best suited to hand-held capture with dynamic motion, both of the camera and of the subject in front of it. Our sample below has nothing of that, but then YouTube only goes as high as 60fps anyway, so we're showing it here just for you to judge the quality of the footage, not so much the content. To our eyes, in such good lighting conditions, there's not much of a difference


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