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Hindi Film Talvar Pdf ((TOP)) Free Download

I did get the chance to watch it this weekend and imo its an up and down movie. While I do agree with Raj that the movie is one sided, but imo that one sided-ness creeps in only during the last 20 minutes of the film during the charge and counter charges being levied by the 2 CBI teams on one another. The film-makers have actually done well not to get swayed away for a major part of the duration. That being said, this movie is not free of loopholes. The last 5 minutes is hushed up and the real reason and evidence on the basis of which the Talwars were convicted by the court has not been dwelled on at all. Irfan Khan despite being repetitive is top notch nevertheless.

hindi film Talvar pdf free download

Just imagine, if the film is able to free Talwars, and prosecute the poor three friends of Hemraj, (yet according to the night security - no one came or went in the society or the house that night), Will Vishal Bhardwaj and Meghna Gulzar make a movie showing that they are innocent? NO, because they are poor.


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