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[S3E8] Imbroglio


In support of his thesis of this untenable rise in private power, he points to the string of global tax frauds and scandals which have engulfed the audit firms; from the $US11 billion KPMG tax shelter scandal and the LuxLeaks debacle (which is likely to involve all four firms) to the more recent Panama Papers imbroglio.

The book is organized to include both text and case studies. The latter illustrate useful applications of the concepts, principles, methods, and techniques discussed in the text. Most of them are projects that I have participated in, primarily with my two experimental design groups at Cal Poly in Pomona: the Laboratory for Experimental Design and the 606 Studio. Since these groups have provided the crucible for the shaping of my ideas, they have played an important role in the writing of this book. Landscape design does not proceed in the abstract, but in the heat of real issues and the questions, debates, paradoxes, and imbroglios that arise from them. The Laboratory for Experimental Design involves teams of faculty members that carry out landscape design and planning projects of a complex and exploratory nature, mostly for public agencies. Graduate students participate as staff assistants. The 606 Studio projects are undertaken by graduate students, with faculty members supervising. These also address real and pressing issues, again in exploratory ways, mostly with funding by public agencies. Both groups choose their projects with great care, doing only work that may be of significant public benefit and that provides a vehicle for the exploration of ideas we are especially interested in. Thus, it is appropriate, almost necessary, that most of the examples given in this book represent the work of these two groups. All the case studies, including those drawn from other sources, were, in my opinion, the best of their kind for illustrating particular applications. 59ce067264


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