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The GLAST project continues to move forward. The LAT (Large Area Telescope) team held its Collaboration Meeting on October 22-25, at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Attendees discussed technical design issues and also participated in a science symposium on Active Galactic Nuclei, a prime GLAST target. The Science Working Group met on September 12-13 inHuntsville, Alabama. Gamma-ray bursts and the capabilities of the GLAST GRB Burst Monitor were two of the many topics discussed. Presentations from both meetings can be viewed at August, NASA selected Arizona-based Spectrum Astro as the spacecraft partner to build GLAST. This is the same company helping to build Swift. The LAT team had a successful Delta PDR and DOE Baseline Review in July. The team is now preparing for a Critical Design Review. In addition, LAT's Science Support Center is now designing software requirements.E/PO News: The GLAST E/PO team at Sonoma State Universityheld a training session for the GLAST Educator Ambassadors (EAs) duringJuly, 2002. Also attending were the two new Swift EAs, as well as threenew EAs chosen to represent all the other missions in the SEU themearea. A complete report on the training week can be found at: new educator's guide: Far Out Math! produced in partnership with TOPS Science Inc., is now available. Helping students understand logarithms and exponents by making various types of simple old-fashioned slide rules, and engaging them to solve GLAST-related mathematic problems, is the motivation behind this guide. For more information on the TOPS guide, see: combined GLAST and Swift booth made an appearance at the California Science Teacher's Meeting in San Francisco, in October, 2002. Thousands of Seeing and Exploring the Universe kits were distributed, all containing the GLAST Active Galaxies poster. The Active Galaxies Education unit is now in the final stages of review.The GLAST Telescope Network (GTN) is starting to shape up. Sonoma State now has a 14 inch robotic telescope that is being used to prototype the archiving and control software. New members of the GTN include the Holton Kansas high school, home of Mike Ford, one of the GLAST Educator Ambassadors. We are also pursuing a partnership with the AAVSO, that grew out of our participation in last summer's AAVSO meeting in Hawaii. The AAVSO will be acting as a repository of reduced data on our blazar target list, while SSU will archive the raw images. The target list, stellar calibration sequences and other useful information are all available through Educator Ambassadors News: Daryl Taylor has been very busy, giving GLAST workshops to students and teachers in New Jersey in August, September, October and November. The October workshops took place at the New Jersey Science Teacher's Association Meeting, and drew over 500 participants. Jason Smith presented GLAST materials in teacher training workshops for the DC public schools, and to over 100 teachers at the World Space Congress in Houston, Texas. Teena Della was the keynote speaker at a Quantum Leaps Career Workshop put on in December by SCWIST (Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology) at Capilano College in North Vancouver, BC. Over 60 female grade 11 & 12 students (with their teachers) attended. She also gave a workshop to third graders in which a model of an active galaxy was built, and viewed from different perspectives, one of the new GLAST educational activities.Back to Top

EV - Evens Super Hot Week End, Part 3 - Drew Di...



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