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Next visited is a member of the Gardenia family. A LOT OF FOLKS HAVE TASTED COFFEE but how many have viewed a coffee tree up close? Coffea arabica, C. robusta 'Coffee Plant is its name. It requires a tropical climate, well-drained soil, maybe a little coolness at night, needs watering to keep it alive, it's not a drought resistant plant. The soil is what makes coffee grown in this part of the world special. The soil wherever coffee is grown impacts the coffee flavor. Kona coffee from the big island will have a different flavor than Maui coffee. The bean when peeled is very sweet. As the coffee bean ripens it will turn red on the tree. The harvesting season starts in September and lasts until December. The beans, at this Plantation, will be hand picked, then put in a pulper that takes off the skin, they're then fermented in water overnight which takes the sugars away, making them less slimy, they're then dried in the sun for several days. At that point they become hard skinned and that is called parchment coffee. It's then taken to a mill, since they don't have a mill on property, the outer layer will be milled away, then they're graded in size. Because when roasting coffee, size really matters. One wants all the same size so they don't burn. Once back from the mill the parchment is off, you have a green bean and it is ready for roasting. What we buy in the store has already been roasted. We then grind it up and make coffee. Now you know what the plant looks like and what the end result is, a nice cup of coffee. There is another use for coffee plants and that is as a hedge for privacy. So if you have the correct climate for coffee you can also have a hedge. This is another another plant that produces fruit but is also used ornamentally.Nearby Elaine and Richard notice Macadamia integrifolia Smooth Shell Macadamia nut tree. Many visitors take home Macadamia Nuts, whether chocolate covered or lightly salted. Interestingly Macadamia nuts are harvested from the ground. Pick them off the ground and that is what you get. Then to take them out of their husks, apply about 300 pounds of pressure to crack the raw nut which then allows one to get to the nut inside.

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