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[S4E13] Sins Of The Fathers

Since he can't separate the evil, vindictive son of a bitch Malcolm Merlyn from the less than perfect man who was Robert Queen, Oliver has allowed Malcolm to try to destroy Starling City, to use his sister to kill one of his best friends and to take over the League of Assassins to complete his tour of megalomania.

[S4E13] Sins of the Fathers

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Outside of waiting for all of that fallout, Nyssa put an end to the League of Assassins, which is something I had at one time expected might be one of the things she and her hubby could do together as a result of their union. Well, it's done!

Malcolm and Oliver meet on a rooftop. Malcolm doesn't believe that Nyssa has a cure for Thea. Laurel arrives at Nyssa's hideout to talk to Nyssa. Nyssa asks about Sara and Laurel tells her that she's doing well. Laurel proposes that Malcolm gives up his power as Ra's Al Ghul and Nyssa give The Lotus to Thea. Nyssa agees to them but says that would never happen. Nyssa then brings in many assassins and threatens to slaughter all her enemies in Star City if Malcolm doesn't agree to give up his title.

Oliver visits Nyssa while she is training with her assassins. Nyssa is upset that Oliver didn't bring Malcolm and Oliver asks her for proof that the Lotus is real. Nyssa sees that as a stalling tactic. She orders an assassin to bring a piece of the Lotus for proof. Oliver removes Thea from the hospital and takes her to the basement of his campaign office where Dig gives her the Lotus sample Nyssa gave them. It helps her and Malcom asks what Nyssa's terms are to get the rest.

Malcolm meets with Nyssa and her assassins for the trade. Malcolm decides to ambush her and the assassins in an attempt to keep his title and obtain the Lotus. They fight and Nyssa calls on her followers to retreat. Malcolm goes to follow but Oliver, Laurel and Dig block their escape peacefully. Dig encourages Oliver to kill Malcolm.

The episode revolves about Nyssa offering an elixir named Lotus to Oliver that can reverse the effects of the Lazarus Pit and offers him to heal Thea, in exchange for him killing Malcolm. They convince him to meet with Nyssa to give her the command of the League of Assassins but Malcolm will not give it too easy. Meanwhile, Felicity meets with her father, the Calculator, and listens to why he left, questioning if he is a bad man.

Oliver asks for a sample of the elixir to prove the value. They put it on Thea and some of the scars heal themselves. Oliver, Diggle, Laurel and Malcolm meet with Nyssa to give her the ring. However, Malcolm snatches the ring and brings assassins to attack them. Nyssa and her fighters escape and Malcolm is stopped by Oliver. The team decides to intercept and neutralize Nyssa and her group. Meanwhile, Felicity takes her father to the labs of Palmer Tech but she is sending him into a "trap". Oliver confronts Malcolm for not following Nyssa's conditions, and Malcolm responds by denying Nyssa his power and also reveals that he knows Oliver has a son.

Noah meets with Felicity. She confronts him for having abandoned her, and he admits that the police are looking for her and Lance. Then the police arrive and arrest him. Seeing the new role and darkness on her, Nyssa brings Malcolm, Oliver and Laurel over, takes her ring and throws him on the fire, disbanding the League of Assassins. Malcolm is furious about Oliver's betrayal and threatens to make him suffer. At night, Malcolm meets with Darhk to tell him the person Oliver loves the most: William, his son.

Jonathon Dornbush of EW stated: "When life offers a choice, do you simply accept the options presented to you, or do you, as Oliver attempts to throughout 'Sins of the Father,' discover an alternative that might actually be the best choice to make? On Arrow this week, nearly every major decision either implicitly or explicitly involved fathers. From Malcolm Merlyn to Felicity's returning father to Nyssa's dead dad to Oliver himself, fatherhood looms large over the characters' choices in this episode (which, if the utterance of that word approximately 72 times within the first 15 minutes didn't tip you off, was most certainly the theme of the week)."[7]

Nyssa then calls a meeting with Oliver and Merlyn to inform them that she does not want to be like her father and has disbanded the League of Assassins permanently. This causes a rage to boil in Malcolm who then threatens Oliver with a worse debt than death!

The Daddy Issues were on full display on tonight's episode of The CW's Arrow. To be fair, the fathers on this show are some of the worst, most-twisted individuals in the story, and even if they're not always on screen, their sins have already done their share of damage to our well-meaning heroes. "Sins of the Father" served to expose just how much the show's female characters' arcs are built around daddy issues, but even Oliver himself got caught up in the drama this time around.

If you remember all the way back to season one, you'll recall that Oliver's whole reason for becoming a vigilante was to eliminate the people noted in his father's journal. Though Robert Queen sacrificed himself to allow his son to live - an event that Oliver reminded viewers of during tonight's flashbacks - his sins in life caused many of the troubles plaguing Star City today. Essentially, Robert Queen is both directly and indirectly responsible for the creation of the Green Arrow of the present, and the events of Oliver's past that put him on that path.

The meat of tonight's daddy issues centered around the dueling League of Assassins members, Nyssa al Ghul and the reigning Ra's al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn. Nyssa's own problems with her father - the former Ra's al Ghul as played by Matt Nable - already played out on screen last season, so this episode is about her attempts to emerge from within the shadow of his legacy and right his many wrongs. Her heart's in the right place, but her plan is most definitely full of comic book-level craziness.

This was a pretty shocking turn of events, but one that was only built up to within this very episode, so the ultimate resolution of it felt a little flat. The more interesting moment was when Nyssa, back in her stronghold of Nanda Parbat, melted the ring as a symbolic atonement for her father's sins, having also disbanded the League of Assassins and released them from their bonds. Malcolm is understandably pissed, not only at Oliver's betrayal (which he plans to repay with a fate worse than death) but at the dissolution of an incredibly ancient and powerful group of assassins who literally sway the course of events on a global scale. With terrorist groups like Shadowspire and H.I.V.E./Ghosts loose in the world, one might have thought that Nyssa would have used her own group as a force for good, but I guess Team Arrow is on their own in this fight. 041b061a72


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