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[S1E1] (1-2)A New Life

Set 10 years after Dexter went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, the series finds him living under an assumed name in the small town of Iron Lake, New York. Dexter may be embracing his new life, but in the wake of unexpected events in this close-knit community, his Dark Passenger beckons.

[S1E1] (1-2)A New Life

Apple and Onion are separately sent off to a new life in the city by their respective parents. Apple is to find an apartment that is ready for him through a map, while Onion has free housing waiting through his job at Fun Co. Upon making it to the city, the two find out what can go wrong and eventually find their journeys intertwined.

The series starts with Apple and his parents at the train station, watching a train stop there. Next, Apple mentions he can't believe he is doing what his parents did. Leaving home and going to a new place. Then, Apple's Dad gives Apple an address and mentions his old friend Falafel has a place for him to live. After that, when Apple asks what to do with the rest of his life, his mom says to do what he's always done. Take it one

You can see through young Kat and Elliott the adults they're destined to be, and that helps us connect to both versions and genuinely wish for the adults they become to reconnect with the pure ideals that set them on their life paths.

Immediately following Halloween, new ships appeared in Lion's Arch bearing a strange mark. The Consortium had arrived in the city and were advertising a new resort. Meanwhile, whales started beaching themselves on the shores of the city and rumors began to circle about sea monsters. Head Researcher Levvi arrived in Lion's Arch with her krewe and began researching strange readings signalling that something big was out in the ocean and incoming. She tried desperately to convince Captain Magnus of this, but unless something attacked Lion's Arch or threatened the trade, he would do nothing. Then the karka attacked and the Commander fought back, and provided samples to Levvi's krewe, until they drove the invaders away. Inspector Kiel was tasked with finding out who riled them up, while Levvi searched for a way to defeat them. Meanwhile, karka attacks continued in Garenhoff and Morgan's Spiral. Kiel's investigation utilized the Commander to discover links from wreckage on the beaches to the Consortium. After intimidating Levvi's ex-boyfriend at the Consortium Lion's Arch HQ and then Subdirector Noll at Hanto Trading Post in Caledon Forest, the Commander was led to Canach, a sylvari secondborn, in Garrenhoff who filled the Commander in and the Commander notified Kiel to take him into custody. Canach had been in charge of an expedition to an unknown and recently discovered island as part of a Consortium group. They were forbidden from interfering with the wildlife, but he saw a loophole in the plants. This aggravated the local creatures, and they tracked him down. Meanwhile, the Commander asked Miyani and Zommoros about the karka, finding out they're an old race who used to live in deep waters from ages ago, but seem to have been recently driven to the surface.The Commander was told to check with the aquatic races: the quaggan, the hylek, and the largos. After reminding her of the past, Pastkeeper Saballa gave a scroll that held their knowledge of the karka. Gukumatz helped create a powerful solvent using hylek alchemy, and Fahd al'Eshadhi provided a sample of the karka shell after the Commander proved themselves in combat. All of this was provided to Levvi for research.

The merchants and traders of the Consortium had given shelter to refugees driven from their lands by the Molten Alliance, but many of the new arrivals felt more like prisoners than guests. After the events of the Molten Alliance attacks settled down, many refugees took the Consortium's offer of a new life on Southsun Cove.[19] The Consortium was moving forward with turning the island into a resort,[20] and several tourists as well as nobles arrived on vacation. The settlers later discovered that they were bound to the island by law of contract and couldn't leave- legally. Some refugees, mostly norn,[21] accepted the home even through unfair circumstances as they see they have nowhere left to go. However, most did not appreciate the trickery as tension between the resettled refugees and their Consortium hosts started to boil over.

This settler aggression was mirrored by numerous reports of wildlife attacking settlements. Head Researcher Levvi[25] began to investigate the wildlife and their sudden insurgent behavior. The wildlife within the island had become more aggressive as of late. Later on, Levvi discovered that the wildlife had become riled up due to a flora's toxin being introduced into the ecosystem. She also concluded that the flora resembles the same kind that sylvari utilize. When the effects of the riots increased rapidly into savagery, a rioter met with Kiel to confess her part in the attacks. The settler, Henrika, wanted freedom and would get a chance when a mysterious sylvari enticed her into rioting for the contracts that bound her. Kiel was able to deduce that the sylvari was most likely someone who knows Southsun Cove and had a grudge against the Consortium: Canach.[26]

In response to Canach's plan, Kiel gathered the contracts on the island to be sent to Lion's Arch. When the contracts were loaded onto the ship, Kiel set off a rigged explosion destroying all the contracts in the process. Kiel insists that the attack was Canach's doing however the settlers are now allowed off the island. The wildlife, still marked for the hot spots, are still a threat on the island. Until now there is no clear way to reverse the effects of the toxin, so the Lionguard sent the nobles off the island for their safety.

During the election Ellen Kiel's history as a child was revealed. It was revealed that Ellen lost her parents in a shipwreck as a child, and was saved by the hands of the Lionguard, specifically Magnus. This led to Kiel looking up to Magnus as a father figure and would not disappoint him. She owed her life to Magnus. Likewise, some of Gnashblade's history came to fruition. It was discovered that Evon came to Lion's Arch as a soldier of the Ash Legion at the age of twenty, with his warband's mission to extort the people under the banner of the Black Lion Trading Company. Evon believed the plan would not be fruitful,[43] and so killed his war leader, Aria Gnashfang, in open combat and established the Black Lion Trading Company 'properly'.

As time passed, more information about Scarlet and her history began to surface. It was discovered that upon waking from the Dream of Dreams, the sylvari was inundated by the 'complex systems of small, interlocking parts that affected one another in an ever changing dance'; fascinated by this life itself that she was now a part of. Upon awakening, the sylvari was given the name Ceara and was told of her purpose as the Pale Tree directed of her. Ceara almost felt offended by the linear lifestyle her people had to endure.[52] Choosing to follow her own path, the sylvari left the Grove after eight years of voracious study to explore the world and learn about the ever changing mechanisms that define it. She became a solitary scholar, first learning the smith crafts of the norn in Hoelbrak that defined their culture. She was accepted as an apprentice to a norn named Beigarth who taught her the basics of smithing and metallurgy. Just like her study at the Grove, the lessons at the norn's capital were not a full meal capable of sating her hunger for knowledge. She left Hoelbrak in a winter's time, even under Beigarth's insistence to teach her more advanced methods.[53] Next she continued her hermit-like lifestyle to charr lands where she learn of projectiles and firearms from a gladium named Asagai, but just as before, the scholar abandoned her work only learning basic and some intermediate skills. Ceara finally decided to travel to Rata Sum, hoping that the asura may sate her hunger.

Later, a camp at Thunder Ridge was erected as a base point of operations for the Vigil, Order of Whispers, and the others involved. The Orders were quick to realize (with unfortunate results), that the tower spouted a destructive toxin that clouded the entire region; causing mass hallucinations and sickness.[64] A group from the Orders was sent into the tower to scout, but they never returned. As the tower continued to affect the region, offshoot seedlings began to sprout throughout the province, affecting the wildlife and poisoning the areas. In response, The Vigil and the Order of Whispers were tasked with taking down the offshoots plantlings.

The episode opens with the eponymous Mandalorian bounty hunter (identified later in the series as Din Djarin) using a tracking fob on an icy planet called Pagodon. Inside a public house, a bearded human trawler and a Quarren trawler are manhandling a blue-skinned Mythrol man, who pleads for his life in Galactic Basic Standard, offering credits in exchange for his life. His pleas are ignored; the bearded trawler wants to kill him for his valuable musk. Before the two trawlers can do any more harm, the armored and masked Mandalorian steps into the bar.

IG-11 says that his tracking fob is still active and that his sensors indicate a lifeform is present. Djarin approaches a silver pram and finds that the asset is an infant belonging to the same species as Jedi Masters Yoda and Yaddle. IG-11 points out that different species age differently when Djarin expresses confusion about its age, and the droid informs Djarin that he received specific instructions to terminate the asset. Djarin disagrees and insists on bringing "the Child" back alive. When IG-11 raises his weapon to attempt to terminate the infant, Djarin shoots and destroys the droid before taking the infant.

Lelouch: How can this be happening?First Suzaku's killed... And this girl...Now, I'm about to die.Before I've had a chance to do a single thing with my life.It's gone in a heartbeat... Nunnally...! 041b061a72


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