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((EXCLUSIVE)) Download 484k

Uncharitable Care: Yale-New Haven Hospital's Charity Care and Collections Practices Through a case study of Yale-New Haven Hospital, the largest, most prestigious hospital in Connecticut and the largest provider to the poor and uninsured in New Haven, this report speaks to the catastrophic consequences that ensue when the healthcare "safety-net" collapses. (March 2003) Download PDF (484k)

Download 484k

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Please note, if you're making download links to anyBoxTop tool, please link to this page, not a direct HTTP or FTP link.File names change frequently with updates, making direct links to ourservers unstable.

GIFmation is a stand alone application for Macintosh andWindows and the number one GIF animation application. It's intuitiveand powerful, with an extensive feature set and award winning automaticoptimization for fast animation downloads. Now a universal binary forMacOS X Visitthe GIFmation page for more info.

You can download an installer for Ian's measuring tool as set up for Shape Viewer by clicking on the download button below: MTool_forSviewr_MSTS1_setup.exe (329 KB (337,346 bytes) (If you find you occasionally need to see the display base, you can copy the original TC_DisplayBase.s along with Rails.ace and ballast.ace into a folder called DisplayBase in your Trainset folder and call it up as a second shape (press F3)). Note: copy, do not remove ACE files from folder or SViewer will attempt to re-install.

For each virus variant, SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences containing all characteristicmutations of the lineage were downloaded from GISAID using the lineage search feature(restricting to complete, high-coverage genomes, and restricting to earliest samplecollection dates when there were too many results for the download limit of 10,000sequences per query).

Sequences were aligned to theSARS-CoV-2 reference genomeusing theglobal_profile_alignment.shscript from thesarscov2phylo repository.Single-nucleotide substitutions were extracted from the alignment using the UCSC toolfaToVcf(available on the UCSC download serveror from bioconda;also requires theSARS-CoV-2 reference sequence).Single-nucleotide substitutions present at a frequencyof at least 0.95 (.70 for Delta, .80 for Omicron) were retained while all others are discarded.

The results were then combined and formatted The entire pipeline was run AccessYou can download the bigBed data files for this track from theUCSC Download Server.The data can be explored interactively with theTable Browseror the Data Integrator. The data can beaccessed from scripts through our API.For complete genome Fasta sequences of variants of concern, please visit the following third-party page:

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