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How to Register and Unlock ProPresenter 5

ProPresenter 5 is a powerful presentation software that allows you to create and display slides, videos, lyrics, and other media for your church or event. To use ProPresenter 5, you need to register and unlock it with a code that you can purchase from the official website or from a reseller. Here are the steps to register and unlock ProPresenter 5:

Download and install ProPresenter 5 from You can choose the version for Windows or Mac depending on your operating system.

Purchase a ProPresenter 5 license from You will receive an email with your unlock code and registration name.

Launch ProPresenter 5 that you downloaded and installed in Step One. Next, enter the unlock code and registration name into the popup box that looks like this:

If you donât see a popup box, click on ProPresenter at the top left and choose Registration. This should pop up the box like above.

Click on Register and you should see a confirmation message that says "Thank you for registering ProPresenter". You can now use all the features of ProPresenter 5 without any limitations.

If you have any questions or issues with registering and unlocking ProPresenter 5, you can contact the support team at or visit the help center at 5 is more than just a presentation software. It is also a powerful tool for worship and media ministry. With ProPresenter 5, you can:

Create and edit slides with ease using the built-in editor or import slides from PowerPoint, Keynote, or other sources.

Add and sync lyrics, videos, images, audio, and other media to your slides with drag and drop functionality.

Control and display your slides on one or more screens using the dual-screen or multi-screen options.

Use the stage display feature to show cues, timers, notes, and other information to the speakers or singers on stage.

Use the remote control feature to control ProPresenter 5 from your iOS or Android device.

Use the cloud sync feature to sync your presentations and media across multiple computers.

Use the web view feature to display web pages or online videos on your slides.

Use the live video feature to capture and display live video from a camera or other source on your slides.

Use the props feature to overlay graphics, text, or other media on top of your slides.

Use the announcements feature to create and schedule announcements that run before or after your presentation.

ProPresenter 5 is a versatile and reliable software that can handle any presentation scenario. Whether you are a church, a school, a business, or an individual, ProPresenter 5 can help you create and deliver stunning presentations that will captivate your audience. To learn more about ProPresenter 5 and its features, you can visit or watch the tutorial videos at 061ffe29dd


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