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The story has been effectively set up for the fourth installment, with the Seven Evils freed at the end of Reaper of Souls and more loose ends to pick up in the next game. These will of course exist alongside new characters, narrative directions Diablo IV Boosting, and unique quests throughout Diablo 4 to make sure that while it's still very much a part of the series, it's also treading its own path as well with innovations and fresh aspects.

A New Villain

From the first reveal with the cinematic trailer for Diablo 4, Blizzard came storming out of the gate with its ambitious, dramatic, and chilling vision for the next game. The extensive trailer revealed not only the vibe of the upcoming Diablo 4, but also the primary antagonist 鈥?Lilith. Known as the Daughter of Hatred, Lilith is a significant figure in Diablo lore and was the creator of Sanctuary, but she hasn't featured too prominently in the games up to this point. Diablo 4's decision to bring her to the fore, with a refreshed and terrifying look, is an interesting move and should yield some compelling narrative aspects.

Lilith is known by many names, including the Queen of the Succubi, Mother of Deceit, and Mistress of Betrayal, which is undoubtedly an impressive list of titles. Despite not being a regular part of previous Diablo titles, Lilith is instrumental in the world of the series that players know and love. Due to the ongoing Eternal Conflict, the fallout of previous games, and the power vacuum currently in place in the High Heavens and Burning Hells, the time is ripe for Lilith's return and for her to wreak havoc as she tries to achieve her own ends and possibly punish those that have wronged her.

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The Direction Of Diablo 4

Blizzard has revealed a lot more about Diablo 4's gameplay and features than it has about the story, and it seems like the developer is keeping some things a mystery until players are actually able to get their hands on the game. At the moment, fans have plenty of details about the classes they can play as, Diablo 4's online shared world, PvP elements, and the minimal microtransactions buy Diablo 4 Boosting, but there are only the bare details of the game's story. In terms of the overall timeline, Diablo 4 will be taking place after Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, as cultists who worship her have brought Mephisto's daughter Lilith back to the mortal realm.


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