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Dunkirk (English) In Hindi Dubbed ##HOT## Free Download

the rapid advance of the allied forces was slowed by the enemy forces, who successfully drove the allied forces from the towns they had captured. this unexpected development caused churchill to recognize that the operation was going to be difficult, and he told general bernard montgomery to take charge of the operation. this change in command was successful, and the allies began to secure the area and the town of dunkirk. the germans retreated to the netherlands, and their forces that had held southern france were pushed back toward germany. the germans were forced to transfer some of their forces in the west to the eastern front.

Dunkirk (English) in hindi dubbed free download


so to paraphrase churchill, the greatest of all naval disasters was turned into the greatest of all naval triumphs. the dunkirk operation, which involved the ferrying of more than a half-million troops off the continent, was accomplished in less than four days, with the loss of only seventy-five ships, two destroyers and a number of small craft.

but the dunkirk evacuation has a grim future. more than 3,500,000 troops were rescued from the continent, but as soon as the last boats left the harbor they were faced with the wrath of the german army. the evacuation became a race to the sea for the allies, and the germans, who were retreating, literally chased their enemies into the water.

the battle of britain had shown us that britain would always survive, but at what cost? the battle of france had shown us what would happen to the continent if the allies fell, and the dunkirk evacuation was the final act that showed us the kind of fighter britain would be in its darkest hour.


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