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Hell On Earth Starter Pack Secrets

Attention: FreeDoom compatibility is limited. Some sounds (Hell Knight's see sound for example) will be missing, and some enemies will have buggy sprites on some animations (Most notable on Mastermind's Death, and Baron of Hell's attack animation when being viewed from behind). It's highly recommend to buy a commercial version of Doom 2, place it inside this folder, and use it instead of Freedoom, or if you are already familiar with Doom mods, just extract the hellonearthstarterpack.wad file from this package and put in your sourceport directory and play it from there.

Hell On Earth Starter Pack Secrets

Drag&drop; brutal pk3 and hellonearthstarterpack.wad in to your gzdoom execution. if i recall corect gzdoom automatic detect your doom2 iwad from steam folder and you can select the iwad after drag and drop 2 main files in gzdoom. if not. copy your doom2 wad from your steam to this pack folder. or use laucher like zdl..

Hi, my Gzdoom isn't recognising the hellonearthstarterpack WAD at all, can still see my regular Doom2 and Ultimate Doom WADs as on option when I drag and drop v20b onto GZdoom's exe. What am I doing wrong?

Devil's domain. The final boss was nuts in the starter pack on black metal and still is now without all the new weapons (since I was pistol starting). I don't know whether this boss will be changed or replaced entirely but in it's current state I was only able to beat it by getting close to it to the hills so that I can shoot it but it cannot shoot at me. Even then it keps spawning enemies so this is not completely cheating - you only avoid its attacks not the monsters it spawns. A new megasphere is nice but personally I think a second plasma gun is needed here.

Push (Counter-offensive). This level has almost no ammo. There is one ammo pile with a backpack near a friendly tank at the castle siege area, marines drop clips and mancubi drop cannons but thats's it. So if you pistol start on high difficulties you almost have to use tanks or rely on marines. This is unlike The air base and Downtown assault where using tanks is optional since enough ammo is given to you. Maybe at least add as much ammo as there were in the starter pack and some guns. Also this map has 3 soulspheres but no armor.

I asked on the other eday thread but it's a fair enough a question, is there a bfg in any of the earth maps? (Map 12 onward) ive found all other weapons when playing through those maps. I ask as sometimes I just fancy playing the city maps and simply console cheat to map 12 or whatever to play through that 'episode' big fan of the city stuff but not as keen on hellmaps as a rule. Oftimes can't be bothered to go all through mars maps to get back to earth but as I say. Don't know all secrets sure, but do miss the bfg in tight spots later on in the city...


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