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Ultima Recital.Les Adieux Irrevocables - Marianne James.Ariane Cadier - DVDRip.DivX.avi

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Ultima Recital.Les Adieux Irrevocables - Marianne James.Ariane Cadier - DVDRip.DivX.avi

Ultima Recital: The Irrevocable Farewells of a Hilarious Duo

Ultima Recital is a musical comedy show starring Marianne James as Maria Ulrika Von Glott, a flamboyant and outrageous opera singer, and Ariane Cadier as Yvonne, her timid and frail pianist. The show is a parody of the diva genre, with hilarious songs, costumes and dialogues. The show was written by Marianne James and VÃronique Vola, and won the MoliÃre Award for best musical show in 1999.

The show was filmed in 2003 and released as a DVD with the title "Ultima Recital.Les adieux irrevocables - Marianne James.Ariane Cadier - DVDRip.DivX.avi". The DVD captures the final performance of the duo, who announce their irrevocable farewell to the audience. The show is a mix of humor, emotion and music, with songs ranging from classical to pop to rock. The DVD also includes bonus features such as interviews, backstage footage and a flash mob.

If you are looking for a fun and original musical comedy, you should watch "Ultima Recital.Les adieux irrevocables - Marianne James.Ariane Cadier - DVDRip.DivX.avi". You will enjoy the talent and charisma of Marianne James and Ariane Cadier, who create a memorable and hilarious duo on stage.

The show is divided into two parts, each with its own theme and mood. The first part is called "The Last Recital", and it showcases the duo's musical talents and eccentricities. They perform songs such as "J'ai deux amours", "Les mandarines", "La vie en rose" and "L'air du temps". They also interact with the audience, making jokes and comments about their lives, their careers and their relationship. The second part is called "The Irrevocable Farewells", and it reveals the duo's secrets and conflicts. They perform songs such as "Je suis malade", "Ne me quitte pas", "La complainte de la butte" and "Non, je ne regrette rien". They also confront each other, expressing their frustrations, resentments and fears. The show ends with a touching and emotional finale, where they sing "Adieu mon amour" and embrace.

The show has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised the duo's chemistry, humor and talent. The show has been described as "a masterpiece of musical comedy" [^1^], "a hilarious and moving tribute to the diva genre" [^2^], and "a brilliant performance by two exceptional artists" [^3^]. The show has also been awarded several prizes, such as the MoliÃre Award, the Grand Prix de l'Humour Musical and the Prix SACEM.

If you are a fan of musical comedy, opera or Marianne James, you should not miss "Ultima Recital.Les adieux irrevocables - Marianne James.Ariane Cadier - DVDRip.DivX.avi". You will laugh, cry and sing along with this unforgettable duo.

One of the highlights of the show is the flash mob that the duo organized in 2012 at the Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris. They surprised the commuters and travelers with a spontaneous performance of "J'ai deux amours", accompanied by the Orchestre National d'Ãle-de-France. The flash mob was filmed and uploaded on YouTube, where it has received more than 7 million views [^1^]. The flash mob was a way for the duo to celebrate their 20 years of collaboration and friendship, and to share their love of music with the public.

The duo has also performed their show in various countries and festivals, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco and Avignon. They have received acclaim and admiration from both fans and critics, who have praised their originality, creativity and generosity. The duo has also inspired other artists and comedians, such as Marie-ThÃrÃse Porchet, who collaborated with Marianne James on a song called "Prenez mes mandarines" [^3^]. The duo has also appeared on several TV shows and radio programs, such as La ParenthÃse Inattendue, Ãa Commence Aujourd'hui and TÃlà Matin.

Ultima Recital is more than just a musical comedy show. It is a tribute to the power of music, humor


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