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Upload Script

Google Ads scripts let you make bulkchanges to your account byuploading data in CSV format. You can upload data from a CSV file from GoogleDrive, a Google spreadsheet, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or construct a bulkupload request in your script at runtime. This guide explains how to use thisfeature in your scripts.

To apply the changes to your account, click the Apply changes button on thedetails page. If the uploaded file has errors, or if you don't want to make thechanges, then click the Discard preview button to discard the changes.

Once you've verified your script is working correctly, you can skip the previewstage and apply the changes directly from your script. This can be done bycalling theapply()method of the bulk upload instance instead of thepreview()method.

You can use the visual editor to edit job nodes only if the jobs were created with AWS Glue Studio. If the job was created using the AWS Glue console, through API commands, or with the command line interface (CLI), you can use the script editor in AWS Glue Studio to edit the job script, parameters, and schedule. You can also edit the script for a job created in AWS Glue Studio by converting the job to script-only mode.

If creating a new job, on the Jobs page, choose the Spark script editor option to create a Spark job or choose the Python Shell script editor to create a Python shell job. You can either write a new script, or upload an existing script. If you choose Spark script editor, you can write or upload either a Scala or Python script. If you choose Python Shell script editor, you can only write or upload a Python script.

After choosing the option to create a new job, in the Options section that appears, you can choose to either start with a starter script (Create a new script with boilerplate code), or you can upload a local file to use as the job script.

If you didn't create a new job using one of the script editor options, and you have never edited the script for an existing job, the Script tab displays the heading Script (Locked). This means the script editor is in read-only mode. Choose Edit script to unlock the script for editing.

To make the script editable, AWS Glue Studio converts your job from a visual job to a script-only job. If you unlock the script for editing, you can't use the visual editor anymore for this job after you save it.

If you choose Confirm, the Visual tab no longer appears in the editor. You can use AWS Glue Studio to modify the script using the script editor, modify the job details or schedule, or view job runs.

Until you save the job, the conversion to a script-only job is not permanent. If you refresh the console web page, or close the job before saving it and reopen it in the visual editor, you will still be able to edit the individual nodes in the visual editor.

(Optional) You can download the script from the AWS Glue Studio console by choosing the Download button on the Script tab. When you choose this button, a new browser window opens, displaying the script from its location in Amazon S3. The Script filename and Script path parameters in the Job details tab of the job determine the name and location of the script file in Amazon S3.

When you save the job, AWS Glue save the job script at the location specified by these fields. If you modify the script file at this location within Amazon S3, AWS Glue Studio will load the modified script the next time you edit the job.

When you choose the script editor for creating a job, by default, the job programming language is set to Python 3. If you choose to write a new script instead of uploading a script, AWS Glue Studio starts a new script with boilerplate text written in Python. If you want to write a Scala script instead, you must first configure the script editor to use Scala.

When you choose the Python shell script editor for creating a job, you can upload an existing Python script, or write a new one. If you choose to write a new script, boilerplate cod


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