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[S3E8] Big Time Babysitting

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[S3E8] Big Time Babysitting

The boys "mansion sit" for Gustavo when he goes away to check out a new boy band called The Windmills. Gustavo reluctantly allows the boys to mansion sit, but they must follow his rules or be fired. What the boys expect to be an easy task turns into a "big time disaster" when things don't go according to plan. Mrs. Knight feels less needed with Kendall and the guys away, so Katie helps her mother by pretending to be sick.

The boys learn that Gustavo is taking the day off, and are relieved to finally be able to spend some time apart. Logan is determined to get into a math lecture taught by Danica McKellar parody Phoebe Nachee, but is disappointed to find that the lecture is at an all-girls school. Carlos panics when he realizes that his helmet is missing, but gets a surprise visit from his policeman father, played by Erik Estrada in parody of his own role on CHiPs, who accompanies him to retrieve his helmet. James spends his day off trying to launch his acting career, with Camille's help. Kendall is desperate to spend time with his crush, Jo, but is discouraged when she continuously reminds him that she has a boyfriend. Katie finds out that Jo does not have a boyfriend, and tells Kendall, who is determined to get the truth out of her.

The boys find out that they are not invited to their own party at Rocque Records, and decide to throw their own in the Palm Woods, but are threatened by Mr. Bitters with eviction if they do so. They instead call the party a 'social gathering', which there is no rule against, and agree to invite three friends each. The party turns huge when Carlos mistakenly invites the entire contact list of his phone. Mr. Bitters hears the party, but Kendall and Jo divert him away from finding it. Camille and Mercedes both claim Logan as their date, and Logan tries to spend time with each without the other finding out.

Tired of paying for things the boys break, Gustavo makes them get jobs, banning them from the Palm Woods pool until they repay him $2,000.30. Carlos becomes Gustavo's production assistant, while James attempts to become a model, with Katie as his manager. Logan and Kendall start a babysitting service, but find it more difficult than expected, and eventually make the kids wash cars. Carlos has trouble when Gustavo's automated coffee maker, C.A.L., becomes sentient and hostile, and attacks Carlos with espresso foam. The boys repay Gustavo, but the problems they cause at their jobs cost more than the boys earn. Gustavo goes mad and starts breaking things deliberately, only to be forced to pay Griffin $14,089 (ironically, the same amount the boys are charged).

Four BTR fans win a Pop Tiger magazine contest to spend a day with one of the boys from Big Time Rush. The winners include Bobby, a demanding young boy who develops a crush on Katie, and Bruna, an outgoing older woman who has never heard of the band. James constantly switches dates (Jennette and Tiffany who are the other two contest winners) with Carlos, as he continually feels the other girl is better. At the final party, Katie dances with Bobby, Bruna invites her young niece, Muriela, to be Logan's date instead, and Jennette and Tiffany both go with Carlos while James spends his time at the buffet.

Big Time Rush is on the way to their concert to San Diego, in tour buses, but they get stuck in traffic due to a Tractor Trailer Accident. Kendall is with Carlos, who is filming videos with his camera all the time and Logan is with James and they have roommate problems, as the other three say they can't roommate with Logan and he gets offended, while Kendall finds out a bunch of BTR hater sites and wants to change their opinion about BTR. Meanwhile, Victoria Justice keeps the crowd busy until Big Time Rush shows up and Mrs. Knight and Katie are also stuck in traffic. In the end, Kendall learns that the only way to deal with haters is to ignore them, James learns that Logan is a really good roommate and they all film a "Crazy for You" music video on the tour bus and finally arrive at the concert.

Palm Woods' prank wars kick off again, and this time the kids battle the adults. Logan pranks himself out (again) and becomes "The Prankster Gangster", supplying prank tools to the kids. First, the kids beat the adults, but after Griffin brings black ops and Mrs. Knight and Gustavo get confetti launchers from Logan, the game is hard. In the end, it's a battle between Kendall, Katie and Mrs. Knight. Mrs. Knight wins and decides to continue the "Day of Pranks" next year.

Since Steve has always been such a hit with audience, the brief scene where he opens his door to Barb and Nancy, saying, "hello, ladies", has become quite well-known, circulating the Internet for quite some time, because who could resist Steve Harrington's charm

Steve got the hang of babysitting five kids pretty quickly, which was impressive since the kids definitely were not keen on listening to him. Steve put a lot of dedication into the responsibilities of watching over the moody pre-teens, and he even put his own life on the line to save them from the monsters. Babysitting the strong-willed band of misfits took a firm hand, so Steve was constantly having to keep the kids in line, and that's where the above quote comes in. The fact that Steve said this while a dishtowel was slung over his shoulder, made this moment all the more hilarious.

Chef forgets the password for his computer but knows it has something to do with one of the 99 previous explosions that took out the school. Entering the wrong password will cause the school to blow up for the 100th time.

Hawk Ripjaw has been sharing his opinion on film and TV since his early teens, when the local public library gave away prizes for submissions to their newsletter. Since then, he's been writing for local newspapers, international video game sites, booze-themed movie websites, and anywhere else he can throw around some media passion. He watched the Mike Myers Cat in the Hat movie over 50 times in two years, for science.

It's Christmas time and Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders where the victims were pulled up through the chimney. Sam realizes they are dealing with a sort of Anti-Santa, a demon with roots in pagan lore. Dean wants to celebrate Christmas the old fashioned way as this is his last, but Sam refuses, not wanting to accept that Dean won't be around next year. Sam flashes back to a certain Christmas when he waited for his father to come home to give him a special gift.

Maddie saves up her tips, babysitting money, and change behind the couch, and bought a bus ticket. London then paid for Maddie to come aboard the S.S Tipton, where she then was "engaged" to the 7-year-old Prince Jeffy, but was won in a joust by Zack in the episode "Maddie on Deck". This is her last Suite Life appearance.

Though Maddie is described as being from a poor family, she is still very nice, though sarcastic at times, and has times where she gets irritable. She seems to care about others and she is extremely hard-working.

A ghost that can only be seen by drunk folks Kind of a cool idea. I also really do like Garth and DJ Quails, but this was an odd time in the season to shift the focus to him after Cas had just returned from the dead.

The guys travel back in time (again) and Sam finally really meets his mom. But I just get mad about this how Anna is used here, turning evil for no reason then dying out of no where. Kudos for Matt Cohen and Amy Gumenick as young John and Mary must be given though.

To save Sam, Dean gets to be death of a day. I love Death (Julian Richings) as a character, and Dean has a very interesting time doing his job. Sam trying to kill Bobby is a bit off-putting but balanced out by seeing Balthazar back again.

The first time travel episode: Castiel sends Dean back to the past to meet his parents. This episode redefined and expanded the history of the show almost as much as the season four premiere, with a fantastic guest cast and twists.

Turns out Dean spent some time in a boys home when he was a kid. Another great turn by Dylan Everett as young Dean in an episode that gave us some great insight into the characters, as well as some great scares and a heart -tugging end.

Metatron is one of my all-time favorite villains, and this outing, where Curtis Armstrong really gets to take the reins and have so much fun manipulating the boys, Cas, and the chess board of the world is his highlight. It is indeed a super meta episode, where the wannabe god examines the very structure and subtext of the show itself.

Any appearance by Charlie is a good one. Throw in the idea that Oz is a real place and Dorothy is actually a kickass hero and this episode leaves fans hoping that clicking their heels will bring them back to Oz just one more time.

Cheshire is a young woman with a slender, but fit build; she stands at 1.67m/5'6".[8] She has thick black hair and gray eyes, as well as olive-colored skin due to her Vietnamese heritage, on her mother's side. She has proved to be very flexible in her time working as an assassin for the League of Shadows, and her fighting skills are enough to match the fighting ability of one with superpowers.[5]

The outfit she uses whilst working for the League of Shadows is a dark green colored kimono, and appears as though it has shreds and rips along it. Whether these rips are an intentional design or just wear and tear from her time as an assassin is unknown. The kimono is tied around her waist, where its length reaches just above her knees. Cheshire also wears black knee-high boots.[5]

In 2004, during one of their jobs, Paula Crock became paraplegic and took the fall for her husband. As a result, she was sent to prison for six years.[12][9] During this time, the relationship between Jade and her father truly became acrimonious due to his emotional and verbal abuse.[13] Before the year was out,[14] Jade ran away, and left Artemis to be raised alone by their father.[2]

Hook and Black Spider joined the fight, and knocked out Aqualad. This time, she was bent on ending Roquette. But her next attack on Roquette was also unsuccessful. Roquette had been moved, and Miss Martian acted as a decoy. Cheshire fled, pursued by Artemis. She eventually made it to the new hideout. 59ce067264

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