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Sansar Serial Doordarshan EXCLUSIVE

Doordarshan is the public television broadcaster of India and a division of Prasar Bharati, which is a Government of India enterprise. Still in this world of huge competition among differnet TV, Doordarshan is one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world in terms of the infrastructure of studios and transmitters. In India, Doordarshan is the number one TV channel. Now a days it is not so popular in urban areas but its old serials are still some of hot search items on internet. Everyday I got mails from my readers that how to watch blah blah blah old doordarshan serial online.

Sansar Serial Doordarshan


Some of serials are available on YouTube like Mahabharat, Shriman Shrimati, Byomkesh Bakshi, Yeh Jo hai Zindagi, Vikram Betaal, Flop Show, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Fauji, Talaash, thanks to rajshri channel and several other anonymous users.

send me yr email idi can some of link which u wants and may be useful to u.i m great lover of old doordarshan serials.i m in chance to purchase that all videos.y r right IT WAS GOLDEN DAYS.


Many thanks forI am looking for TV serial khele ka rahesye so plz plz give send me link so i will be very happy to recall my child houd again with my childrens thanks for sharing such nice information.please.Thanks.

Dear all, I have request,pls can any 1 pls pls pls help me finding the name or video of a tele serial telecast in late 1980s, starring tom alter which was based in some valley. & it used to be telecast evening at 9 pm.Pls send me any details regarding it on my email idi.e

Could u pls tell me the name of the serial telecast during 1999. it was based on the story of a girl , I think her name is Noor Jahan starring Gauri Pradhan.Can it be viewed on the internet ?Pls let me know , by sending it to my ID i.e

this is very memorable experience to read these all comments.because the all serial name is give me the taste of my chidhood. all serial and characters is flash back in my momoriesthanks to all u guysI realy miss that aura

Hi friend, i want tosee serial based on college life i cant remember name of serial but i think that may be campus i watch that serial in saudi i buy those casets from india so plz tell me name of the serial & from whr i buy dvds or cdsmy email id-

RANGREJAN(not in the list),but I have seen couple of times in DD.How a young girl sweetly teases a muslim boy of her age,Miya-kuchh likhna padhna seekho,Warjish kar lo,Kuchh kamaya bhee karo,Ab naukri me to naukar bane rahna hota haai Miya.Apna dhanda ho to ham Malik hotey haai.Inspired by her laughing tease the boy grows in to a Loundry and Dye shop owner.Finally the boy proposes her- aab to shaddi kar lo,saath rahengey? Girl says Miya Doori ne bahut kuchh sikhaya-banaya haai.Ab shadi karkey aaik kyon hona chahatey ho.The entire serial is full of SAHEB KABIR`s dohe,explaining that appearence of the world(Girl-Rangrejan)attracts each of us,infact,inspire us to grow(menifest within),not to posses(which is a fall from Human birth).Can any body confirms the title of the tv show-Is it RANGREJAN?Can anybody help me to get this,I would love to see it again and

Hi,Please help me find Ek tha rusty, School days, Aashish & Ghutan..the list is endless.Those lovely days would never come back.However, we can relive those lovely moments by watching these serials again.Would be grateful if you provide these videos.Thanks

hi abhiyou done a good jobi request you if have old tv serial on was telecast on doordarshan name is KILLE KA RAHSAYA the thrilar if you have then plz give me so how to i get it my cell no.**********

Hi Abhi, can you please provide aarohan serial? Or do u know any way so that we can request doordarshan to telecast it again? It was a great serial and sure it will be hit again if it is shown again on tv.

plzzzz upload school bus bus ki kahani ye hai ke. ek garib ladka paisa walo ke school me padne school bus se jata hai us ka ek dushman bhi hai. aur ek ladki uska sath dethi hai wo tour par jata hain phir wo song gatha hi.aur school me first ata hi.

i want to see old tehkikat serial episode in which a family buys a old bunglow where they find a ghost, it was the last episode and i want to see reporter serial that episode in which a girl has been raped.these both serials were of doordarshan

please provide me a dubbed movie (Hindi). i really miss that movie. but i only remember story, that i have post in my comment last day. please please provide me its link. also provide me the link of AAROHAN. i get a new inspiration from this serial. plz plz plz provide me its link

Hi All,I am a big lover and big fan of Doordarshan old serials. Those were awesome and very much useful for daily life and were completely message oriented.It would have been a great thing if Doordarshan repeats all the serials again as they have been already super duper hit at that time. I have grown up with only Doordarshan serials and still love the DD channel very much. No channel till today can match the DD programmes how much ever the technology has been improved.I request the DD people to please repeat all the serials once again and surely all the people will enjoy watching.Please anyone share the videos available address for purchasing. I want all the serials episodes for purchase.Please mention the same.

Does anybody know that serial name, where old uncle and aunty travel different cities in U.S. in each episode.For e.g, they showed Universal Studios,disneyland in U.S. It was not a famous serial;may be used to go air on Sunday 11 am. Please if anybody know the serial name,reply.

me ek serial tha jisme ek ladki jinni thi jo robot thi ye seriel english tha per hindi me tha me wo serial dekhna chahta hoon per mujhe wo seriel kahin nahi mila kyonki mujhe us serial ka naam bhi yaad nahi hai bahut dhundne ke baad doordarshan per aata tha shayad giant robot pls wo serial dikhaye mere mobaile per bata dijiye 8923235156 pls jarurdikhaye me ye serial apne baccho ko dikhana chahta hoon pis

helloi want to know about one old english serial which was telecasted on doordarshan and was based on car which use to run on voice command of the car any one know the name of that serial???

I want one serial link. i dont remember its name, its like sansar or saunsaar in which one small boy was there name shubham because of which my mom kept my name shubham.. plz anyone send me link

I want the CD for the old serial of SHRI ADHIKARI BROS?surag-the clue?The-trap ?Suspence ?HELLO INSPECTOR AND ALSO AAKRANT-(horror) iwill be very grateful if you help me out for this since it is my favorite serial. please reply immediately.

Pls arrange complete serial PHIR WOHI TALAASH, I have taken up the matter with Archive department of Doordarshan to make available this serial in their Archive department, their big officials have ordered to check the possibility, but yet not received positive response

Hey there , Even I am searching for Aakraant ( Horror ) which was aired on DD Metro at 10:30 pm Saturday and Sunday . I searched lot about it , but there is no single word on internet about that Tv serial.

I like the work which you are doing. I am interested in a serial which was aired on DD and Late Actor Irrfan Khan played a small role in it. I had noticed him in that serial. The story was based on the life of a Civil Service Officer, I searched the biography and wikipedia pages on Irrfan Khan but this serial was no where mentioned. If someboay could throw light on it, it will be great favour. My mail id

The mahanagar tv serial link does not work and its no where to be found on youtube except the first episode.. my aunt acted in a small role and she wanted to see it.. she not well and would be a great gift to make her happy would be great if you could help with the series info.. or if there is a DVD I can buy anything just anything please

Writing about the shows we have all loved in the 80s and 90s is like walking down the memory lane and bringing all the childhood memories of TV and those characters from the serials we have bonded in our childhood.

Today, the kids would laugh at the dialogues, the costumes and the cinematography of those TV serials but much before the technology advanced from only one channel to Cable revolution and then to DTH. We all would glue to that box TV to watch the serials which still hold our memories back.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();Hum Log is the oldest and first television serial of India which aired in 1984 on Doordarshan. Hum Log was a 156 episode long serial dealing with the daily struggles of a family. The serial was directed by P Kumar Vasudev and written by Manohar Shyam Joshi and narrated by great Indian Actor Ashok Kumar.

Buniyaad aired in 1986 and was based on the partition of India and Pakistan. Dealing with the sensitive issue of partition on Television was a big thing to do at that time. Because the pain and loss of partition would have been very fresh at the time Buniyaad was aired. The serial became highly popular among people.

Nukkad was a 40 episode serial based on the issues and problems dealt by lower incomes group. Every episode dealt with a new problem ended with either giving solution or a ray of hope. The highly popular show was relaunched 7 years later with the name Naya-Nukkad in 1993.

Flop Show was a comedy serial written and directed by the famous satirical comedian Jaspal Bhatti. He played the main lead in the serial with his wife, Savita Bhatti. The show was based on the problems faced by common people in a satirical way. This comedy serial was highly popular among all. 350c69d7ab


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