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Alpine traverses have become a favorite for UMA guides and guests alike. The goal is to travel light and fast to cover lots of terrain, and the Salt Lake mountains offer great terrain for it. Traversing combines rock climbing and trail running into a scenic, aerobic adventure.

After scaling the West Slabs of Mt. Olympus, scramble east to the North Summit. Enjoy the expansive view north from this tiny summit, then head south. The route now traverses over 5 points, "the goddesses," to finish at the Main (South) Summit, 9,026'. Descent is by means of down-climbing to the south, then hiking down the well-trodden Mt. Olympus trail.

Because good over-snow mobility translates to economic payback for polar traverses, CRREL researchers instrumented and exhaustively field-tested bladder sleds during their development. The high efficiency of bladder sleds derives from several factors:

Bladder sleds are essential to the success of both the Greenland and Antarctica resupply traverses, traveling out-bound distances of 740 and 1050 miles, respectively, across unprepared snow. Their cumulative mileage now exceeds 750,000, and despite low temperatures and rough snow conditions, no bladder ruptures have occurred. Nevertheless, these sleds are new technologies and apply plastics and polymer-coated fabrics at temperatures well below their customary range. CRREL researchers have thus guided improvements in materials and procedures to improve durability. Specifically, we conducted low-temperature flex-durability tests on bladder fabrics and recommended unfolded over-winter storage of bladders, which has largely eliminated fabric cracks that otherwise required time-consuming repairs. We continue to conduct tensile tests to screen manufacturer HMW-PE formulations for acceptable low-temperature ductility; this has significantly reduced cracks and splits on the underlying HMW-PE sheets. 59ce067264


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