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What is a running bet? Most accurate experience in analyzing running bets

Betting on football holds a special allure for players, with handicap betting being particularly captivating. Unexpected goals, last-minute winners—they all ignite excitement. So, what exactly is handicap betting, and how can one win against the bookmakers? Follow along to gain insights on the most effective dropping odds strategy for handicapping.

What is a running bet?

Handicap betting, also known as Asian handicap betting, is a popular form of football wagering that occurs while a match is underway. It's one of the most favored betting options among players today. Handicap betting applies for a specific period during the ongoing match. Players' task is to select a handicap and place their bet immediately within that timeframe.

Many players prefer handicap betting due to its low odds but high potential returns. This presents an opportunity for players to quickly recover their investment.

For example, in a match between Belgium and Portugal, if a player observes the first half of the game and notices the over/under odds dropping to 0.75, indicating an exciting and potentially goal-rich game, they might swiftly place a bet on the over option. If either team scores, they win the bet.

Many football bettors have found success and made significant profits. What are their secrets? How do they analyze handicap betting? Let's delve into the experiences and corner betting strategy of these seasoned punters.

How to effectively play running bets

To secure victories in handicap betting, it's essential to have a clear understanding of the concept of handicap betting, along with accumulated sports betting experience.

Choosing to Run Over

When playing handicap betting, you should choose matches with relatively high winning odds. Major tournaments such as the Euro, World Cup, or the English Premier League are ideal for placing bets. Focus on closely contested matches in the standings and steer clear of matchups involving teams at the top or bottom of the table.

You need to calculate and analyze the current form of both teams playing. If there's only one betting option available, ensure thorough research on that particular match. Additionally, determine the appropriate amount of betting capital for each match to maintain a balanced approach to betting.

Catching HT running bets

When the match is tied 0-0, the Asian handicap line doesn't drop for about 10 minutes. During this time, a draw is likely to last for at least 4 minutes and disappears early in the 9th minute. However, in European handicap odds, the draw odds typically don't drop too quickly. If the first half total goals odds are abnormal, it's advisable to bet on a draw.

If there's a score difference in the match, and the favorite team maintains its lead until halftime, it's wise to bet on the favorite. If the underdog team is trailing 0-1 and there's significant fluctuation, it's advisable to bet on the underdog.

Placing running bets when seeing Odd 300 appear

The odds of 300 are the prime opportunity for players to secure victories and earn substantial amounts of money. However, this opportunity only occurs at specific times, so players should remain vigilant to choose the right moment when the bookmakers offer these odds before proceeding to place their bets.

Usually, odds of 300 are considered most prominent when betting on the handicap or over 1.5 goals. These odds are present in every match, even those considered as the highlights of the tournament. In reality, teams with odds of 300 often win the full-time result.

Players should only bet on virtual odds of 300 in the early minutes of the match. If hesitating, it's advisable to wait for another 10 minutes. While betting on these odds offers high potential returns, it's also quite risky, especially with handicaps of 0.25 or VLV HDC bets, due to their high volatility.

How to read running bets most accurately

Once you've grasped the concept of handicap betting, to secure victories, you need to know how to read handicap odds accurately. Below is the most accurate method of reading handicap odds currently, which will make your winning chances easier.

Over/Under betting in-play and pre-match have entirely different calculation methods. This is something to keep in mind when placing bets on Over/Under in a match currently in progress.

For example: In a match between the Netherlands and the Czech Republic in the Euro 2020 knockout stage, the current score is 2-1 with an Over/Under odds of 1.5.

If the Over bet is set at 1.5, there needs to be at least 2 goals scored for you to win.

If the Under bet is set at 1.5: the match doesn't need any more goals, or if there are more, it still pays out normally.

Therefore, it's unnecessary to know how many goals were scored before you placed the bet because the final result is determined from the moment you successfully placed the bet. Other bets such as corner handicap or booking handicap are calculated in exactly the same way.

Most accurate experience in analyzing running bets

Below are some of the most effective strategies for analyzing handicap betting shared by experienced football punters. Feel free to refer to them and develop your own suitable playing style.

General bet analysis

Most players who engage in handicap betting often choose to bet on the over of a match. The number of people betting on the under and the handicap is less, but these handicap options are mainly due to lack of confidence in making immediate bets from the start.

When playing handicap betting, you also need to follow the betting odds from the beginning of a match, grasp information about the match such as: team line-ups, weather conditions at the match venue, head-to-head records, injuries, the referee officiating the match... Then, you will have a basic assessment for the handicap betting as well as football predictions 100 % whether the match will have many or few goals.

If you decide to bet on the over of a match, you need to mark the match and the match time to not miss out on the bets you've analyzed. With the selected bets, you can bet on the first half, second half, and full match.

Choosing running bets

After gathering information about the matches, you need to select bets with high potential for goals. Some types of handicap bets at the outset below have a high probability of goals:

For handicap bets of 1/2, there's usually a goal scored in the first half, the same goes for the second half. You need to be vigilant and place bets for the first half when there's a handicap, but consider the overall trend of the day, whether there's a high probability of goals in the first half. If the odds favor goals, Euro matches will likely see goals.

Similarly, for handicap bets of 1.25 and 1.5, these types of bets often see goals in the first half. However, bookmakers often trap players by sometimes not having goals or having them early within a certain timeframe of the day to confuse players.

Handicap bets of 3/4 rarely end in a 0-0 draw, so if you encounter such matches with this handicap but the score is 0-0, you can consider betting on goals for the entire match.

Notes when playing running bets

To play handicap betting effectively, players need to prepare a certain amount of capital, then divide their account balance into smaller portions. Typically, it's advisable to divide your account into 16 parts and place bets based on your confidence in analyzing the odds.

When playing handicap betting, you should patiently wait for the odds to be favorable, which is advantageous for you when calculating your winnings. If you win one bet and lose another, you break even or make a small profit.

Avoid losing control and continuously placing bets impulsively when playing handicap betting. Otherwise, you may mismanage your funds and suffer significant losses from a single match.

If you've been betting on the over in handicap betting, and after a series of matches with many goals, it's likely that the subsequent matches will have fewer goals.

Above are some handicap betting tips shared by experienced punters to help players beat the bookmakers and earn a lot of money from football betting. Register an Wintips account today to try your luck and participate in exciting games at tip for win. Wish you good luck and victory, don't forget to follow our homepage to update the best betting experiences from the experts.


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