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"Jordan Peterson addresses this type of parenting in his 12 rules."The lobster you-tube celebrity guy? Who collects Stalinist art to "remind" himself of evil? (or so he claims in his book)Don't interrupt kids on a skateboard? Drivel.This is the guy who won't ever shut up, unless you ask him to name any feminist he admires. Embarrassing silence. (hear it - Web Link )So apparently, the rule is "Don't interfere with children when they are skateboarding" as long as they're boys.

"Er, this thread is about parenting, not feminists."And the part about '50% of the kids being parented are girls' was removed?Yet the references to a youtube celebrity who is against feminism, and won't come out against misogyny and sexism, remains?

@Resident,Once again, you make many good points. I enjoyed reading your posts, much food for thought. Thanks.I am about to send my teen to an international music gathering to collaborate (jam) with other world class musicians for a week. Last year it was driving to experience the solar eclipse. Both things that have a real world learning component worth far more than anything available in the first weeks of school but would have been missed for school. Yet my teen has a far more advanced education and performs way better on tests than when in school. All the writing spelling grammar and punctuation problems that got said teen judged in school fixed themselves with no English class when there was a chance to just read (right now teen is reading some classic literature while listening to Fritz Kreisler original recordings on youtube, just because, completely self driven). After taking care of the dinner dishes, no reminding.I sometimes marvel at how close to an original Star Trek episode our system is. We beam down to a planet where, by government edict, all the children are mysteriously herded away from adults - from whom they previously evolved learning to be adults themselves by watching and working with - into rectangular boxes all day with notoriously negative unique social structures for learned helplessness into adulthood. My teen was working to the point of not getting enough sleep and it was unnecessary even detrimental, including no basic life skills. There is nothing we could have done with a free range" attitude to foster independence as the system pushes dependence on its external direction which the children live and breathe until they graduate. We were only able to truly foster independence, love of learning, maturity, when we could let our teen have a self-directed life away from the contrived constraints of traditional school. We all made lots of mistakes but accepted them as part of the education. I, too, know many people who homeschool only for part of the school years because they don't have resources they need for high school. It can be hard, there is no support. Lots of families do it to prioritize the freedom and independence and better family relationships. I think many homeschoolers would happily form partnerships with local schools, many do where the opportunities and autonomy exist. So I don't think all school" is the problem, but I do wish we had more freedom with the system.I do think this is related, because kids spend most of their time in school and most of their time at home doing schoolwork. What is the opportunity cost of that, including to children's sense of independence? I think from what I have seen that we can't have a talk about parents and blaming the outcomes (e.g., kids who can't function in college) without a conversation about the unreasonable demands of school and the lack of boundaries to give children a real life outside school. 041b061a72


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