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The mission of Georgia Grown Citrus is to show thankfulness for our citrus community and customers by providing superior quality trees and products, encouraging all growers to learn about good tree maintenance and care, and promoting Georgia's citrus industry through education and volunteer work.

The Journey  

        Lindy and Perry began their quest for a small business concept back in 2014, prior to Lindy's retirement. She researched ideas while working overseas and Perry did the groundwork back home ferreting out the pluses and minuses of them. They looked at a variety of things but kept coming back to the idea of doing something with their small family farm.

        In 2016 Lindy & Perry planted their grove and test plot and about that same time became involved in growing citrus trees for sale to others. Lindy helped put together the Georgia Citrus Association and ultimately, she and Perry founded Grown Citrus LLC, (GGC), a commercial citrus hub located on JoNina Farm. In May of 2021, GGC built a USDA-certified greenhouse which allows them to ship trees outside the state of Georgia. GGC now works with five other partner commercial nurseries to grow nearly 100 varieties of citrus available to homeowners, commercial growers and other nurseries. Among the available varieties GGC sells is the University of Georgia’s patented seedless, cold-hardy Sweet Frost, Grand Frost, Pink Frost and Southern Frost found on the Specialties tab under Shop Trees.  In addition, GGC is Georgia’s supplier of Tree Defender Individual Protective Covers.  GGC carries tree supplies and offers online ordering all year round.  

        Lindy and Perry share what has worked and not worked for them on the tree care Q&A pages. They clearly express to others they are by no means citrus experts but can definitely say what not to do. Growing citrus in Georgia is new and different. Lindy and Perry have made some mistakes through trials and errors along the way and they are happy to tell you about them.

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