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Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell

New OP Survive The Killer GUI Fixed

In this game, players can either be the killer or a survivor. The goal of the survivors is to avoid the killer and stay alive until the timer runs out in order to escape the map. Survivors have two lives, each represented by a "hit". They are able to revive each other up if one of them goes down. The killer's goal is to kill all of the survivors before they can escape from the map and before the timer runs out.

New OP Survive the Killer GUI

The game have the following skin Killers:Asylum Doctor,Jeff the Killer,Jane the Killer,Papa Roni,Slinging Slasher,Killer Clown,Happy the Clown,Masked Myers,Patches,Headless Harry,Chucky,Dr. Devious,Killer Kruger,Sawblade,Siren Head,Slender Man,Annie,Clucky,Corrupt Cupid,Killer Grandma,Masked Killer,Red Screamer,The Purple Slaughter Man,Ratthew Cheeseworth,Darious Howley,Dead Fred,Burlap Brute,Poltergeist (Unreleased killer)Corrupt Doctor (limited killer, only 870 ever sold)Corrupt Alfred (limited killer, only 1111 ever sold), Dread, Voldar, Malvus the Magician and more.

Juggernaut Mode is a gamemode introduced in February of 2020. It is very distinct from other gamemodes due to its unique gameplay. A number of survivors (2-12) must defeat the Juggernaut, a heavily enhanced and player-controlled killer by using weapons found around the map. 041b061a72


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