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My name is Lindy Savelle. My husband, Perry, and I welcome you to our website and hope you find what you’re looking for, whether that be trees, fruit, supplies, or just information. Before we send you off to peruse other pages, we first would like to give you a thumbnail summary of who we are.  Lindy and Perry began their citrus operation in 2015, but their roots on a farm go all the way back to their births. Lindy grew up on a primarily tobacco farm in Mitchell County, Georgia- Perry on a small scale, diversified farm in Thomas County. Perry was a banker for 20+ years and then a cattleman for 25+ years. In 2015 when Lindy retired from a federal law enforcement career spanning 30+ years, they decided to return to  Mitchell and Thomas counties, with plans to bring their farms back to life, so to speak. Their hope was to give back to their communities through the development of an alternative niche, yet a sustainable agricultural commodity. After researching everything from pomegranates to persimmons and lychee to crawfish, they decided citrus was the best fit for them and a commodity that would stimulate growth for Georgia’s agricultural economy. Since 2015, Lindy and Perry have expanded, changed their business model, and learned a whole lot (primarily of what not to do); they are happy to openly share their thoughts and ideas with you about citrus tree and fruit production.  

Citrus is truly that one commodity a small family can do together; instead of capital equipment, all that is needed is a bit of effort, determination, and family cooperation. Lindy has served as the President of the Georgia Citrus Association since its inception in October of 2016. In addition, she also serves on the board of directors of the Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association. Serving is her give-back, not only to her community but to our state.  Lindy and Perry encourage everyone-commercial growers, homeowners, and citrus enthusiasts- to become a member of the Georgia Citrus Association as the citrus industry in Georgia continues to grow in the coming years. Together we can do & learn more...


On our website, you will find two distinctly different yet interrelated components. Georgia Grown Citrus is Lindy and Perry’s citrus nursery. JoNina Farm is Lindy and Perry’s grove operation and homeplace. To learn more about each operation, please check out the About Us Tab under them. 


And lastly, whether you look further or not, thank you for visiting us!


Hi! My name is Savanah Crutchfield. I was born and raised in South Georgia, where some of my fondest memories were made. From a very early age, I spent all of my time either on our family farm or in a swimming pool. On our family farm, we raised cattle and hay which led to a childhood of racing across haybales, bottle feeding calves, and riding on all sorts of farm equipment.

When I wasn’t running around our farm, you could find me somewhere in a pool. I spent countless hours swimming, training, and working to achieve my dream of being a college athlete. I was blessed to attend the University of South Carolina (USC), where I was a student-athlete on the USC swim team. During my time at USC, I obtained a degree in marketing and mass communications with an emphasis in digital media arts. Before graduation, I partnered with some friends and started a tourism business in the Bahamas. I lived in the Bahamas for a period of time, but due to COVID, I returned home and ultimately reconnected with Lindy and Perry Savelle.

Mr. Perry seems to have been a part of my family long before I came around; he has told me many stories of time spent with my great grandparents, doing things around my family farm, and so much more. I remember the day Mr. Perry was telling me about the citrus grove he and Lindy were planting at their farm; not long afterward, their citrus business took off and they are now an agritourism, multifaceted business. Although a citrus grove/farm is much different from our family farm, it is nonetheless a place where more fond memories can be made.  

As Perry and Lindy’s business and farm (Georgia Grown Citrus LLC and JoNina Farm) have grown, it became more than the two could do alone. That’s where I came in. With my marketing, communications, and media arts skills, I was excited when Lindy and Perry allowed me the opportunity to work with them to help lessen their load while helping them grow their business and farm offerings. If you call the website phone number, you will most likely talk to me. If you email us, you will probably get a return from me. And if you see our advertisements, flyers, or social media postings, well, that would be me too!  

I am happy to be a part of Georgia Grown Citrus at JoNina Farm and I’ll see you at the Farm!  

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