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Have you ever been in an orange grove?  Have you ever plucked a fruit off the tree and eaten it while standing right there in the grove? Well, if you haven’t, you’re missing out!  Each fall during harvest season, we open the gates of our grove to the public for our annual “Clip~n~Sip” event. When you arrive, you enter our office and check out a pair of Clippers and get a JoNina Farm bag, From there, you hop on a tractor-pulled wagon that takes you up to the grove, where you eat as much fruit as your belly can hold and clip as much as the bag will.  It’s a fun family event to get out in an orange grove, take some family & friends photos and just soak up the Vitamin C & D nature offers.  


This coming fall, we hope to add a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and 5K trail run to our events list.  

This spring, we will be having a tree event on March 19th.  This kicks off our first big tree sales day of the year.  Weather permitting, we will have orange ice cream, tasty snacks, and food for the family to enjoy while seated at our wooden picnic tables.


Whoever heard of a date night in the grove?  This year, we will be offering certain days for date nights in the grove, where you can roam through the dimly lit grove with your significant other while enjoying the stars and moon in a romantic environment.  


See, we told you, farms can be fun!  Stay tuned as we grow and develop more things you gotta come see!  

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