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CKFinder 2.3: A Powerful File Manager for Your Website

CKFinder 2.3 is a file manager that integrates seamlessly with CKEditor, a popular online text editor. With CKFinder, you can easily upload, manage, and select files on your server and insert them into your web pages. CKFinder 2.3 comes with many new features and improvements that make it even more user-friendly and powerful.

Some of the highlights of CKFinder 2.3 are:

Multiple files selection: You can select multiple files on your server using different methods, such as Ctrl+A, Ctrl+click, Shift+click, or Shift+arrow keys[^1^].

Drag and drop multiple files: You can drag and drop selected files into different folders or resource types within your server[^1^]. This makes organizing your files easier than ever.

Maximize plugin: You can enlarge the CKFinder window to get more space to see the files[^1^]. You can also minimize it back to the initial size.

Zip plugin: You can create, download, and extract zip archives on your server[^1^]. This feature is only available in the PHP version at this moment.

Additional configuration options: You can customize the initial width of the folders pane, the startup path, and the action on double click[^1^].

CKFinder 2.3 also includes a few server-side changes and bug fixes that improve its performance and stability[^1^]. You can download CKFinder 2.3 from here and try it for a limited period of time[^2^]. If you like it, you can buy a license key to unlock its full functionality[^2^].

CKFinder 2.3 is a great tool for managing your files on your website. It works well with CKEditor, but you can also use it as a standalone application or integrate it with other web editors[^3^]. If you want to learn more about CKFinder 2.3, you can check out its documentation and blog post.How to Use CKFinder with CKEditor

If you want to use CKFinder with CKEditor, you need to follow these steps:

Download CKFinder and CKEditor from their respective websites.

Extract the CKFinder and CKEditor packages to your server.

Make sure that the CKFinder folder is accessible from the web and has proper permissions.

Edit the config.php file in the CKFinder folder and set the $baseUrl and $baseDir variables to match your server configuration.

Edit the config.js file in the CKEditor folder and add the following line: config.filebrowserBrowseUrl = '/ckfinder/ckfinder.html';

Include the CKEditor script in your web page and initialize it with the CKEDITOR.replace method.

Now you can use CKFinder to upload, manage, and select files on your server and insert them into your CKEditor instance. You can also customize the appearance and behavior of both CKFinder and CKEditor using their configuration options and plugins. 061ffe29dd


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