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Google Keyboard Goes All Blue After An Update [PORTABLE]

Same issue here. I'm wondering if it's specific to 3rd party keyboards (vs Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio)? I've also tried with multiple (non-Apple) bluetooth keyboards.Hope this will be resolved in the final release.

Google keyboard goes all blue after an update

However, the new 4.4-centric keyboard lost some of its pizazz when they ditched the blue-colored theme. But in the latest update to the Google Keyboard app, we can get that back. Once you're updated, you should have the option to change the Color Scheme in the Keyboard's Advanced Settings from White to Blue.

Google's default Android keyboard has typically emphasized simplicity over anything else, but it has picked up quite a few new nice features over the years. It now offers Swype-style gesture support out of the box, and after the latest update, you can choose what color your swipe trail and accent colors should be.

This isn't the most substantial update, but some users probably would prefer to go back to the blue scheme Android recently started to abandon. In the years since Gingerbread, the color has come to represent comfort and familiarity.

To activate the blue color scheme, head over to Settings>Advanced Settings in the Keyboard app. The update is now rolling out, but it may take a couple of days to reach you. In case you want it faster, the folks over at XDA have got you covered.

This goes along with all of the other comments I sent. The colors on everything have been changed to were it is like what was blue is now red and what was red is now blue and that has throughout my entire Chromebook account can you help? thanks.

I have a problem with my Acer Chromebook. As I was trying to open an app the screen went off and came one after about 5 miniute it went of and refuse to came on. I have switch it off and on several times but it has not came on. On my keyboard at the right top corner above the backspace I have but a cap luck instead of a power boron like others. How can I solve this problem.Best regards

Here are a few things to try:* Make sure your keyboard language is set to English* Disable your extensions. If the problem goes away, you may have a bad extension.* Reset your Cache / cookies

I have a small issue and if it can be fixed it would be great. I have a school chromebook and have set up a wallpaper for both the chromebook itself and google chrome search engine. However, every time I turned it off and turned it back on the wallpaper automatically reverts back to the default, all-blue wallpaper. My Whatsapp Web is also the same: I logged on normally and after turning the chromebook off and later logging back on the Whatsapp Web is back to original and I have to log back on, which is kind of annoying to say the least. This does not happen with my normal home laptop, which is windows laptop. If it can be fixed that would be great.

If the blue screen goes by too fast for you to write down the information, you can still access these error logs in the Action Center found in the Control Panel. In Windows 7 the Action Center is under System and Security, while in Windows 8 and 10 it is under Security and Maintenance.

Before removing that ugly blue outline, you may want to take accessibility into consideration. By default, that blue outline is placed on focusable elements. This is so that users with accessibility issues are able to focus that button by tabbing to it. Some users do not have the motor skills to use a mouse and must use only the keyboard (or some other input device) for computer interaction. When you remove the blue outline, there is no longer a visual indicator on what element is focused. If you are going to remove the blue outline, you should replace it with another type of visual indication that the button is focused.

Again, if one particular application is causing a problem, check to see if that app has an available update on the App Store. If it does, install the update, it may resolve the vanishing keyboard issue.

After updating different apps in March 2018, i noticed that my keyboard was disappearing while typing and also had a drainage issue. I looked at which app seemed to be problematic (ended up being the Xperia Clock) which i uninstalled. For the keyboard, the only thing i did after resetting the keyboard (which did not resolved the issue) was to change the dictionary and language for "English US". Everywhere in my settings where Canada English was shown, i changed it to US English and so far, it has been two days that my keyboard seemed to be staying while typing! The only reason i found out about the dictionary issue was simply by reading various post and gave it a try.

Tried all of the above on Galaxy Note9. Only, and I say Only, uninstalling apps by order of download works. Make a list. App 1, no change, App 2, no change, and so on. For me, it was the 11th app recently installed (this can include updates) so turn auto update off. My Note is back to normal after 2 weeks of BS.

An update to the Twitter app on iOS devices in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. said that users who sign up now can receive the blue check "just like the celebrities, companies and politicians you already follow."

If you get stuck on the Windows 10 Welcome screen after a recent installation, update, or just out of the blue after restarting your device, this post is for you. Here, we will walk through some of the most common reasons why your computer may get stuck on the startup screen in Windows 10 and how to fix it.

The HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook is a wonderful Chromebook. It has a thin and light body, a vibrant 13.5-inch 1080p touchscreen, a comfortable backlit keyboard, and a huge responsive trackpad, and in our tests it offered excellent performance and around 10 hours of battery life. The Dragonfly also has guaranteed update support through June 2030, plus a useful array of ports, a responsive fingerprint reader, and a handy webcam cover. But it starts at $1,150, and you can get an excellent Windows ultrabook or a MacBook Air for that kind of money, or our upgrade Chromebook pick for much less than that.

Then again, the Windows 10 white screen after sleep can occur due to an issue with your OS. That occasionally happens, and you have to download the update for your Windows to fix the computer white screen issue.

It so happens that after Windows 10 OS update, the computer white screen on startup might show up. This solution is best if you began to encounter the white screen of death after introducing another Windows update. For this situation, use the following technique:

IMPORTANT: This update is for the Focus Blue 5th generation braille displays. DO NOT install this firmware on older Focus 14 Blue, Focus 40 Blue, or Focus 80 Blue 4th Generation braille displays. The 5th generation Focus Blue braille displays have a Menu button between keys 1 and 4 on the Perkins-style keyboard. If your display has a Menu button, follow these instructions to upgrade the display.

3. Some users report that Android Auto blasts the last played song at full volume randomly even after disconnecting. The issue has fortunately been fixed with Android Auto v6.2. Hence you would want to update your app.

IST 04:25 pm: A fresh report highlights that the missing weather icon has still not been fixed even after the latest update or server-side patches. Google is, however, still working on it.

11:01 am (IST): Some Android Auto users are now reporting that the Google Maps option has gone missing after the Android Auto 7.2 update. However, users can still use Waze as an alternative service.

To be specific, when turning on an Acer laptop like Aspire, the laptop blue light is on but the screen is black, a mouse cursor can be seen and the keyboard lights up. Perhaps you are also the victim and ask: why is the screen on my Acer laptop black?


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