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Clarissa Explains It All Season 1 Episode 3

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Clarissa Explains It All Season 1 Episode 3

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Clarissa Explains It All was an American family television series from Nickelodeon starring a then-unknown Melissa Joan Hart. Sixty-five episodes were shown during the five seasons. The teen sitcom ran from March 23, 1991, to October 1, 1994, and aired in reruns on the network through 2001.

During in Season 1, Clarissa had an alligator named Elvis. Elvis was removed from the show after the first season. In the first episode of season two Clarissa explained that her parents sent Elvis back to Florida when he got too big, Mitchell Kriegman's novel, Things I Can't Explain, Clarissa further elaborated that he "disappeared under mysterious circumstances" and "it took years to get mom to confess that she gave away the reptilian Elvis without telling me after Ferguson tried to shove a pocket watch down his throat thinking it would win him the role of Captain Hook in the school play."

Clarissa Explains It All (US, Nickelodeon) aired on 1991 and belongs to the following categories: Comedy. The IMDB rating is 7,9 (updated 03-26-2023). Tv-Show directed by Mitchell Kriegman. Nickelodeon aired 5 seasons and 65 episodes for now.

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Created by Mitchell Kriegman, Clarissa aired 65 episodes over five seasons, focusing on the life of the titular character who'd often talk directly to the audience and break down the storylines with fake news segments. Oh, and did we mention she had the coolest style ever and had a pet alligator As Clarissa herself one said, maturity is a boring state of mind.

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