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Citrus Tree Care Kit

Citrus Tree Care Kit

SKU: Citrus Tree Care Kit

Ideal for Meyer Lemons to Key Limes and beyond, this Citrus Tree Kit features amazing products built by expert growers. Basically, this must-have kit delivers a few essential components. Each part is crafted with top-quality ingredients that are utilized by industry professionals and includes:

  • A double dose of 18-5-10 slow-release fertilizer (for the soil)

  • Twice the amount of micronutrient nutritional applicator (a blend of Calcium, Magnesium and Boron - for the leaves)

  • Bloom-helper micronutrient (for blooms and fruit)

Each component helps your Citrus Tree’s nutrient uptake using the natural elements of your soil, increasing the soil’s ability to hold water. So, these formulas work with essential vitamins that plants crave and correct any nutritional deficiencies as an added bonus.

Our Citrus Tree Kit reinvigorates your planting area. And that means more healthful Citrus Trees for faster growth and a bigger, better harvest of delicious fruit.

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