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Sweet Sylvia Aka Tricy.rarl

1. You are obese2. You generally experience heart attacks3. You have sweet tooth after each meal4. Your conscience is telling you to stop killing innocent beings5. You tend to become ill more often

You mention to eat more vegetables like avocado, bell peppers and tomatoes, but those are all fruit. Are we supposed to treat them like vegetables like most people assume them to be? And if yes, is that because they are not particularity sweet?

Hi,I might be eating too much fruit because I really love it and have always had a sweet tooth. I cut out most sweets already and now eat fruits instead. I have chronic constipation and need all the fiber I can get.I have a healthy weight on the low side, 3 kgs away from the underweight category. I eat about 4 pieces of fruit a day, whole. Could I still be overdosing on fructose? If I cut back on fruits, I fear I might lose weight.

I am 64. I exercise three days a week and walk two. In the morning I have egg whites, a sweet potato , a kiwi, handful of blueberries and two strawberries. At lunch I make a smoothie with fresh frozen blueberry, strawberry, raspberry. kale, spinach the package says it has 9gr of sugar and I top it off with broccoli. That is it for the day for fruit.We have a spinach salad and fish for dinner.I am in pretty good shape except I have a small gut I can not seem to loose. I have no other problems that you mentioned.Does this look like I am eating too much fruit?

Absolutely enjoy fruit but just like any sweet do so as a treat especially if you have digestive and sugar sensitivity like I do! I stick to blueberries which I add with walnuts to my organic oatmeal on a daily basis. The rest of the day I load up on vegetables, nuts, seeds and some protein. It is struggle to stay focused on what works for me even though I wish I could eat more goodies!!

Thank you this was really helpful,. I can see I am definately eating too much fruit. I was recently diaognosed with Ceeliac disease and started eating what I thought was healthy as so much food is not restricted to me. But I am experiencing so many upset stomachs, it is becomming a big problem. Also my cravings for sweet things has ince=rerased. I never had a sweet tooth but at the age of 75 I now have. I think I will cut out the fruit intake for a while and see what differenre it makes. I am putting on weight


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