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Hector Isaev
Hector Isaev

Ibm Zos 1.13 Free

DetailsIn z/OS 1.11, IBM added an ENF 71 signal for support of z/OS Identity propagation. In z/OS 2.1 (and rolling back to z/OS 1.13), IBM expanded the ENF 71 signaling capability in RACF to allow listeners, such as CICS and DB2, to take actions based on this signal. The ENF 71 signal is issued to alert listeners to a possible change in a user's or group's authorizations to resources.

Ibm Zos 1.13


IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading through multiple z/OS releases, it is essential that you review the issues for each intervening release.For example, if you are upgrading from z/OS 1.11 to z/OS 2.1, look at notes for z/OS 1.12, 1.13, and 2.1.


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